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Sports Walkman

Sony Sports Walkman

Published in cassette players on January 19, 2022

As the popularity of the Walkman exploded, so did the popularity of outdoor excercising and indoor aerobic dancing. But runnning or dancing with an early walkman wasn't really comfortable. Besides, all that jumping, running, jerking and jostling would make your favorite cassette sound rather wobbly. Sony would fix this problem, and in 1984 they released the now famous yellow Sony Walkman....Read More

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Technics SL-23


Technics took belt drive record players to a new level in 1976 with the sophisticated, minimalist SL-23, while still... Read more

Ronson Comet


Ronson introduced the Comet lighter in 1965. It was designed to be a lightweight lighter, was made in plastic and... Read more

Audiovox portable VHS player

Portable VHS players

Audiovox Corporation is an international leader in the marketing of consumer electronics, and portable video systems.... Read more

Bally Astrocade


The video game console Bally Astrocade came out in 1978 with a price tag of US $299 (equivalent to $1275 in 2022). It... Read more

Beogram TX

Beogram TX

B&O's most basic 'without the bells and whistles' tangential-tracking re-badged Beogram 6002 turntable,... Read more

Panasonic Toot-a-Loop


The Panasonic R-72, more commonly known as the Toot-a-Loop Radio, is a portable radio made by Panasonic in the early... Read more

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