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Sansui D90

Published in cassette players on October 16, 2021

The Sansui D90 is a front loading stereo cassette deck, and first sold by Sansui in 1979 with a list price of USD $200. The deck was discontinued 2 years later in 1981. The D90 is equipped with tape type selection and is capable of handling normal and chrome tapes. Tape eject is operated mechanically. Overall, it's a reliable deck that is easy to work with, sound quality is quite good, but...Read More

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Vintage Pulsar watches

Pulsar LED

The Pulsar P1 was the world's first electronic digital watch. Late in 1972, HMW, (previously Hamilton Watch Company)... Read more

Sankyo music boxes


Japan started with music boxes during Occupation after WWII, first based on Swiss music mechanisms, but very soon with... Read more

Sony Watchman


The Sony Watchman was a line of portable televisions produced by Sony. The TVs were introduced in 1982 and discontinued... Read more

Vintage music box

Vintage music boxes

A music box is a automatic, often wind-up musical instrument that produces tones by a set of pins placed on a slowly... Read more

Sansui 9090


The Sansui 9090 is the mid-70s, upgraded version of the 8080 receiver with 110 watts continuous, per channel (minimum... Read more

Sega Dreamcast


The Sega Dreamcast is Sega's last video game console and the successor to the unsuccessful Sega Saturn. An attempt... Read more