Weltron 2001

Published: May 16, 2021

This Weltron 2001 radio 8-track player was designed and released in 1970 by James Pratt Winston and has a unique, unmistakable profile. The bowling ball shapw has a spaceman-like face and a carrying handle on top. A funky, although not too practical, touch is the chrome mounting ring on top. Yes, you could actually hang this radio from a chain on the ceiling! Released around 1970–71, the "very unusual" 2001 was priced at $159.95 (equivalent to $1,100 in 2021) and incorporated an 8-track player with AM/FM radio into a space age spherical plastic form. This device is portable, so plug in some batteries and impress your friends!

Weltron 2001

The 2001 model was successful, and came in a selection of vibrant colours. Through 1972 the company developed other models, sold under the "New Shape of Sound" line. These included the 2002, a spherical AM/FM stereo radio, and the 2003, a spherical speaker sold in pairs. The new products were sold by direct marketing, along with advertisements in various consumer magazines.


In the UK the Weltron 2001 was distributed under the name 'Prinzsound model SM8'.

They were very popular in the 1970s and many of them are still in circulation and highly collectible.

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Weltron WELTRON MODEL 2001 AM FM 8 WELTRON MODEL 2001 AM FM 8 TRACK DOME 06/2021 $ 353.94
Weltron WELTRON MODEL 2001 AM FM 8 WELTRON MODEL 2001 AM FM 8 TRACK DOME 05/2021 $ 294.99
Weltron WELTRON 2001 Stereo AM FM 8 WELTRON 2001 Stereo AM FM 8 Track Tape 05/2021 $ 292.05
Weltron Weltron 2001 8 Track player AM Weltron 2001 8 Track Player AM FM Radio 06/2021 $ 227.15
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