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Published: May 14, 2021
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A boombox is a transistorized portable music player featuring one or two cassette tape recorder/players and AM/FM radio, and can be carried around with a handle. Some had double or dual cassette drives, detachable speakers, the ability to record thru a mic, off the radio or from one cassette to another. They can be plugged into a wall or ran on batteries, usually size D.  Many models are also capable of recording onto cassette tapes from radio and other sources. Some of the first mainstream advertising for the boombox occurred in 1983 with stores such as K-Mart and Sears running ads for them. That was also the time that some of the best and most collectible boomboxes were being made.

Panasonic Boombox

The boombox quickly became associated with urban society in the United States, particularly African American and Hispanic youth. The wide use of boomboxes in urban communities led to the boombox being coined a "ghetto blaster". Some cities petitioned for the banning of boomboxes from public places, and over time, they became less acceptable on city streets. The boombox became closely linked to American hip hop culture and was instrumental in the rise of hip hop music.

Panasonic models

A couple of their boombox models include:

  • Panasonic RX-5030
  • Panasonic RX-5030 MKII
  • Panasonic RX-5040
  • Panasonic RX-5045
  • Panasonic RX-5050
  • Panasonic RX-5060
  • Panasonic RX-5070
  • Panasonic RX-5080
  • Panasonic RX-5085
  • Panasonic RX-5090
  • Panasonic RX-5100
  • Panasonic RX-5104
  • Panasonic RX-5105
  • Panasonic RX-5110
  • Panasonic RX-5120
  • Panasonic RX-5135
  • Panasonic RX-5150
  • Panasonic RX-5350

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Panasonic Boombox value and price guide

What's your Panasonic Boombox worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Item Title Date Price
Panasonic Panasonic Platinum RX 5500 Panasonic Platinum RX 5500 Cassette 07/2021 $ 1 362.88
Panasonic Panasonic Platinum RX 5150 Panasonic Platinum RX 5150 Cassette 08/2021 $ 806.13
Panasonic Panasonic Platinum RX 5280 Panasonic Platinum RX 5280 Cassette 08/2021 $ 787.57
Panasonic MINT Panasonic Rx 6400 Stereo MINT Panasonic Rx 6400 Stereo Boombox 07/2021 $ 814.24
Panasonic Panasonic RX 5250 AMBIENCE AM Panasonic RX 5250 AMBIENCE AM FM Stereo 07/2021 $ 694.78
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021-.--

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