Sanyo M9935K

Published: May 16, 2021
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The Sanyo M9935k was a very big seller for Sanyo. This boombox was produced in the early 1980s, and while it was a rather basic, entry-level model, it was still a very popular ghetto blaster. It measures 20" wide, 11-1/16" tall, and 4-78" deep, and it has 16cm. woofers, piezo horn tweeters, AMSS song search, an LED power output meter, and an awesome decorative "vent" below the cassette deck. This player doesn't have an Aux/Line In function, just Mic connections.

Sanyo M9935K


  • AM-MW, FM, SW1 & SW2
  • AMSS Automatic Music Select System
  • Full auto stop
  • Tape counter
  • 2 x built in mic
  • Tone & volume control
  • LED sound level indicator
  • 2 x ext. mic jacks
  • 2 x ext. speaker jacks
  • Headphone jack
  • 16 W mains powerconsumption
  • Made in Japan


Sanyo M9935K value and price guide

What's your Sanyo M9935K worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Item Title Date Price
Sanyo 1983 SANYO BOOMBOX M9935K AM 1983 SANYO BOOMBOX M9935K AM FM SW 06/2021 $ 244.16
Sanyo Sanyo M9935K AM FM SW Boombox Sanyo M9935K AM FM SW Boombox WORKING 09/2021 $ 266.72
Sanyo SANYO M9935K AM FM SW Cassette SANYO M9935K AM FM SW Cassette Shortwave 08/2021 $ 231.97
Sanyo Sanyo M9935K Stereo Radio Sanyo M9935K Stereo Radio Cassette 09/2021 $ 114.83
Sanyo WORKING Sanyo Blaster Boombox WORKING Sanyo Blaster Boombox Stereo 08/2021 $ 90.05
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021-.--

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