Sharp GF-777

Published: May 15, 2021

Is this the 'holy grail' of classic boomboxes? Maybe. Is the Sharp GF-777 a must-have for boombox collectors? Probably. Fact is, it's huge (just look at the pic below). It looks retro awesome and it's pretty LOUD. Oh, and it has a double cassette deck. And 6(!) speakers. This 'portable' (almost 12 kg) multi-amp baby with super woofer will EAT batteries, that's for sure. But is it worth it? Introduced in 1981, this ghetto blaster has a sound quality which is perfectly balanced by Sharp engineers, meaning clear and superior sound. Hey, this box looks so cool, what else can you expect?

Sharp GF-777

All 4 woofers are 16cm (6.5") each and the outer ones are full-range speakers. These deliver a full range of sound and are 4 ohms. The inner ones are tuned only for mid-bass and bass and are 4 ohms. The two tweeters are located above the outer woofers.

Features and specs

According to the manual, this beast of a blaster has the following features:

  • Multi-Amp 3-Way 6-Speaker System
  • Massive 90W PMPO
  • Sharp Super Noise Reduction
  • APLD (Auto Program Locate Device)
  • Brilliant Metal Tape Sound
  • Soft-Touch Cassette Controls
  • Two Decks side by side
  • Horn Tweeter
  • 16cm (6.5") woofer
  • Dynamic Super Woofer Sound
  • Size: 752mm x 166mm x 379mm
  • Build-in Worldwide AC Voltage selector
  • Weight 11.8 Kg (without batteries...!)

Instructions & manuals

Looking for the instructions?
Download here the Sharp GF-777 manual (PDF).

// repair service manual //

Want a copy of the service manual?
Download here the Sharp GF-777 service manual (PDF).

Sharp GF-777 value and price guide

What's your Sharp GF-777 worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

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Sharp BOOMBOX Sharp GF 777Z Spare BOOMBOX Sharp GF 777Z Spare Parts… 05/2021 $ 783.80
Sharp SHARP GF 777 Double Cassette SHARP GF 777 Double Cassette AM FM 05/2021 $ 503.86
Sharp kasettemnrecorder Sharp GF 777 Kasettemnrecorder Sharp GF 777 Ghetto 04/2021 $ 685.83
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