Sharp GF-777

Published: May 15, 2021
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Is this the 'holy grail' of classic boomboxes? Maybe. Is the Sharp GF-777 a must-have for boombox collectors? Probably. Fact is, it's huge (just look at the pic below). It looks retro awesome and it's pretty LOUD. Oh, and it has a double cassette deck. And 6(!) speakers. This 'portable' (almost 12 kg) multi-amp baby with super woofer will EAT batteries, that's for sure. But is it worth it? Introduced in 1981, this ghetto blaster has a sound quality which is perfectly balanced by Sharp engineers, meaning clear and superior sound. Hey, this box looks so cool, what else can you expect?

Sharp GF-777

All 4 woofers are 16cm (6.5") each and the outer ones are full-range speakers. These deliver a full range of sound and are 4 ohms. The inner ones are tuned only for mid-bass and bass and are 4 ohms. The two tweeters are located above the outer woofers.

Features and specs

According to the manual, this beast of a blaster has the following features:

  • Multi-Amp 3-Way 6-Speaker System
  • Massive 90W PMPO
  • Sharp Super Noise Reduction
  • APLD (Auto Program Locate Device)
  • Brilliant Metal Tape Sound
  • Soft-Touch Cassette Controls
  • Two Decks side by side
  • Horn Tweeter
  • 16cm (6.5") woofer
  • Dynamic Super Woofer Sound
  • Size: 752mm x 166mm x 379mm
  • Build-in Worldwide AC Voltage selector
  • Weight 11.8 Kg (without batteries...!)

Sharp GF-777 documents

Instructions & manuals

Looking for the instructions?
Download here the Sharp GF-777 manual (PDF).

Repair service manual

Need a copy of the service manual or schematics?
Download the Sharp GF-777 service manual (PDF).

Sharp GF-777 value and price guide

What's your Sharp GF-777 worth in 2022? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Item Title Date Price
Sharp NEW King of all Deluxe Sharp NEW King Of All Deluxe Sharp GF 777 H 10/2021 $3951
Sharp Sharp GF 777H… Sharp GF 777H… 11/2021 $1750
Sharp Sharp GF 777 Z Working Sharp GF 777 Z Working Condition 10/2021 $1600
Sharp Sharp GF 777 Stereo Boombox Sharp GF 777 Stereo Boombox Cassette Old 11/2021 $900
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices01/2022-.--

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