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Published: October 25, 2021
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The Sony Boodo Khan (also known as the Sony WM DD100) walkman was a special version of the Sony WM-DD2. As well as the usual features the DD2 offered, including the disc drive capstan servo and Dolby B NR, the DD100 included a unique feature: a large, silver slide switch at the bottom-right corner labeled DOL separates the Boodo Khan from the pack. DOL stands for dynamic optimum loudness, and is somewhat akin to the loudness switch you find on the front of a stereo receiver. The switchable loudness circuit boosts the extremes of the audio frequency range to give a more lifelike, so the intensity is maximum at low volume and weak at high output. The suggested original retail price of the Boodo Khan was $220 in 1987, around $540 in today's money (2021).

sony boodo khan

Emblazoned in silver on the walkman are the Japanese kanji characters for 'Boodo Khan'. The name refers to one of the most famous indoor arenas of Tokyo, the Nippon Budokan. While its primary purpose is to host martial arts contests, it's also used as a music hall because of its excellent acoustics. Many iconic artists and bands have performed in the Budokan: The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Cheap Trick, Duran Duran, Kiss, Quincy Jones, Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, Deep Purple, etc. The walkman came with a nice set of headphones, the Sony DR-S3, a bit changed and rebranded to Sony DR-S100 with the Boodo Khan logo stamped on it.

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The Sony Boodo Khan was one of the most famous and popular models of the entire walkman range, and one of the firsts models to include a dynamic bass amplification. This walkman is one of the most special ever released. The slim design, combined with the closed headphones and the powerful DOL system makes the DD100 a must-have for every serious portable audio collector.


As with many DD players, the base sound quality is excellent. However, the Dolby B system doesn't allow to get the full spectrum. For this you need a walkman with a decent Dolby C, like the Sony WM-DC2. Also, models like the WM-D6C with its greater battery power, could produce far more level if necessary.


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What's your Sony Boodo Khan worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Item Title Date Price
Sony SONY WM DD100 Boodo Khan SONY WM DD100 Boodo Khan Original 09/2021 $ 1 700.39
Sony Sony BOODO KHAN Body System Sony BOODO KHAN Body System BBS 10 08/2021 $ 1 144.92
Sony SONY DD 100 Boodo Khan Walkman SONY DD 100 Boodo Khan Walkman Stereo 10/2021 $ 548.66
Sony Sony walkman BOODO khan dd100 Sony Walkman BOODO Khan Dd100 For Parts 09/2021 $ 473.97
Sony Sony BOODO KHAN Body System Sony BOODO KHAN Body System BBS 10 09/2021 $ 192.70
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