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Published: May 26, 2021
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The Sony Walkman WM-10 - also known as the Super Walkman - was released in 1983, and was Sony's first 'miniature' size player. Its small size represents a tour-de-force of early 1980s engineering. This walkman is actually smaller than the cassette it plays! So it needs to be slid open to make the compartment large enough to accommodate the cassette.

WM-10 Walkman

The Walkman WM-10 uses a single 1.5V AA battery, and is housed in a compartment next to the heads at the top of the player. The decision to use one AA battery was a brave one, and backed up by a more clever technology. The 1.5V was not enough to run the electronic parts of the amplifier and servo, so a step-up DC-DC converter was implemented to boost the voltage to a useful level.

It truly is a marvel of engineering, and it also sounds quite as good as it looks!

WM-10 specs

  • Tape selector: Type I, CrO2, Metal types
  • Noise Reduction: B
  • Dolby NR switch
  • Stereo headphones jack
  • Battery indicator
  • Runs on 1 x AA battery
  • Introduced in 1983
  • Price: $99 ($265 in today's money)


Interesting 1983 article on the WM-10 by the New York Times: The Walkman Shrinks (September 18, 1983).

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Sony WM-10 value and price guide

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Gary - November 22, 2021
Hi i have a Sony walkman WM-10 in excellent condition. I dont have ear phones to fit ans i have no use for it any ways. All i know many people want them and i really dont want it to just sit in a drawer n collect dust so if anyone would like me to send pics n want to make offer please let me know you can contact me by email Thanks Gary (Canada)
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