Vintage CD Players

Shortly after the demise of quadraphonic sound, the electronics industry moved into the digital era, and particularly optical recording. Following the pioneering work of Philips on an optical video player in the early 70's, a project was started in 1974 within Philips and its Research laboratories to develop a digital optical audio disk with error correction code. Parallel work on digital optical audio recording was done in a number of companies and Sony first publicly demonstrated an optical digital audio disc at the 1977 Audio Fair. On 8 March 1979, Philips demonstrated for the international press a 11.5 cm Optical Disk and a Compact Disc Audio Player. The demonstration showed that it is possible by using digital optical recording and playback to reproduce audio signals with superb stereo quality. Through the co-operation with Sony the final diameter was 12 cm and the initially proposed resolution (accuracy) of 14 bits was increased to 16 bits. With this concept Philips and Sony took the first step in setting a worldwide standard.

Vintage CD players

Philips famously described the new format as giving “pure, perfect sound forever”, a claim that would go down in hi-fi folklore, and regularly ridiculed. In truth, it was far from this, but as far as most people were concerned, it was certainly excellent – suddenly hiss, end-of-record side distortion and pitch instability were things of an analogue past...

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