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Published: September 24, 2021
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The Beocenter 9500 was developed because of better technologies that were around at the time, and as a way of matching better other Bang & Olufsen products. It was introduced in 1989 as the successor to the 9000, and the obvious visual difference was that the centre aluminium sections were now brightly polished steel, which looked striking but would prove difficult to keep clean. Most of the other revisions were of a technical nature, designed to keep the Beocenter 9500 fully compatible with the latest other equipment.  It consists of an AM/FM receiver, CD player and cassette recorder, and also features a mirrored exterior of polished aluminium and smoked glass. The BeoCenter 9500 has no buttons: it has a sensi-touch control which works through a condenser effect and is controlled by touching the glass with a fingertip.

beocenter 9500

The 9500 has an integrated radio tuner, CD player and cassette recorder. A matching turntable, the Beogram 9500, was offered, and finished in bright polished metal to match the Beocenter. In a similar way in which the Beocenter 7000 had been used as the basis for simpler, cheaper models (such as the 5000), two simpler, lower priced versions were offered, the 8500 and 8000.

The controls are illuminated by LEDs. Only the controls which have a function to the current activity are lit up. The CD and cassette are hidden behind polished aluminium lids. A light touch on the display panel makes the lids glide to the side giving immediate access to disc or cassette.

Bang & Olufsen with Jacob Jensen were given the 1990 iF Design Award for their design of the Beocenter 9500.

This model was sold until 1994 when it was replaced by its successor the BeoCenter 9300.

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