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Published: August 9, 2021
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The Toshiba XR-P9 is the top-of-the-line version of the XR-J9, which although technically identical is 'just' a mini home CD player, with no remote controls or frills. On the other hand, the XR-P9 is a bit of a Swiss army knife among vintage CD players, as it comes with a set of accessories for using it as a stand-alone player or a portable CD player. Among these accessories, and for use as a normal CD player, there is a mains power supply integrated in an inclined base (TAC-P9), an infrared receiver, a 3.5 jack plug, and an IR remote control. For mobile use, the player has a battery holder box for 6 x 1.5 V type C batteries) to be connected in place of the power supply unit, and a shoulder bag.

Toshiba XR-P9

To achieve minimum battery consumption - in portable playing mode - of 2.2 W (figures proudly announced by Toshiba), most of these circuits are designed to operate at 4 volts. This voltage is delivered by a Buck converter to the maximum efficiency. However, as the need to limit consumption in player mode is no longer required in use on the mains, the XR-P9 has the particularity of integrating this DC / DC converter into the battery holder box, the presence of which is recognized by the main microcontroller via loopback and power supply switching by a simple voltage divider / transistor assembly when it is connected to the player.

The year 1986 was marked by the rise of digital audio, and of the Compact Disc format in particular, and by this new range entirely developed by Toshiba, which, like the previous ones, was very successful, thanks in particular to the cloning of XR30 and XR-35 by many manufacturers (Sansui, Luxman, etc.). Finally, it should be noted that the XR-P9 was distributed by the American brand Tandy (Radio Shack) under the Realistic label in silver finish and under the Memorex label in black and silver finish with the reference CD-3000 for both.

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