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Published: September 24, 2021
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Brionvega is a historic Italian company founded in 1945 by Giuseppe Brion and Leone Pajetta, and is an iconic Italian electronics company renowned for its innovative vision, distinctive style, and top-tier technology. Their designs are cult classics, admired by art collectors and celebrities in both museums and old-school Italian homes alike. Initially called B.P.M. Company and manufacturing electronic components, the business became known as Brionvega in 1960. In the early 1960s, two unusually designed portable television sets, designed by Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper, were launched by Brionvega by the names "Doney" (1962) and "Algol" (1964).

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Design awards

With the help of world-famous designers such as Richard Sapper, Marco Zanuso and the Castiglioni brothers, the company has produced successful models of radio and television sets that have become icons of Italian industrial design, winners of the most prestigious international awards and exposed in countless museums around the world. Radio Cubo, Radio Grattacielo, RadioFonografo, Doney, Algol and many others: these are the products that have made Brionvega a design brand renowned worldwide. Brionvega is, without any doubt, one of those Italian brands that have left their mark in the history of world design, thanks to a creative and always contemporary collection, expected to last over time.

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Item Title Date Price
Brionvega Brionvega Radio Cube 50 Brionvega Radio Cube 50 Anniversary Want 08/2021 $ 584.65
Brionvega Brionvega Design Zanuso 1965 Brionvega Design Zanuso 1965 Radio Cube 09/2021 $ 340.71
Brionvega TV Brionvega algol 11 VR TV Brionvega Algol 11 VR Design Marco 08/2021 $ 230.32
Brionvega TV Brionvega algol 11 VR TV Brionvega Algol 11 VR Design Marco 09/2021 $ 230.32
Brionvega RRP 440 BRIONVEGA Radio Cubo RRP 440 BRIONVEGA Radio Cubo FM DAB DAB 08/2021 $ 224.79
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