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Published: September 24, 2021
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The box-like Brionvega TS502 is an unusual, portable transistor radio designed by Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper in 1962, and launched two years later by the Milanese company Brionvega. The design radio is also known as the 'cubo' (cube), and is a true icon of industrial design. The Cubo Radio is on display in the most important contemporary art museums of the world, and can be found, for example, at New York’s MoMA. The gleaming ABS plastic shell folds open halfway along its length, allowing access to all of its controls. It's powered by six batteries, and its portability and visual softness associates the TS502 with informal 'Pop' interiors of the 1960s, while also granting it a sense of intrigue and surprise.

brionvega ts502


Executed in multiple colors, the body is made from plastic and aluminium in the form of a double cube. It can be folded open in the middle, with die-cast hinges, to reveal the receiver. The interior of the radio is black, with white dial numbers. The controls are on the right, and the speaker is the left 'cube'. Junction cables pass through the hinges connecting both cubes. There is a telescopic aerial on outer edge. Height: 13cm, depth: 22cm, width: 13cm.


  • TS502 II
  • TS502 III
  • TS502 III/3G
  • TS502 IV/2G
  • TS502 IV/3G
  • TS502 V/2G
  • TS502 V/3G

Cubo radio

Sapper and Zanuso's portable cube radio combines a pure, modern aesthetic with a functionality that not only facilitates ease of use, but also protects sensitive electronic elements from inclement weather, or being jostled in transit. The radius corners and retractable chromed metal handle soften the overall appearance, creating an object that is equally stylish in its open or closed position.

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What's your Brionvega TS502 worth in 2022? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Item Title Date Price
Brionvega FROM 1964 BRIONVEGA TS502 FROM 1964 BRIONVEGA TS502 RADIO SPACE 11/2021 $394
Brionvega Radio Brionvega TS 502 Cube Radio Brionvega TS 502 Cube Design 11/2021 $397
Brionvega Brionvega TS 502 Radio Cube Brionvega TS 502 Radio Cube 01/2022 $192
Brionvega Brionvega Transformer for Brionvega Transformer For Radio Cube 10/2021 $35
Brionvega Brionvega Artemis Instructions Brionvega Artemis Instructions Original 11/2021 $38
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices01/2022-.--

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