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Published: May 10, 2021
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Before the transistor was invented, radios used vacuum tubes. Although portable vacuum tube radios were produced, they were typically bulky and heavy. The need for a low voltage high current source to power the filaments of the tubes and high voltage for the anode potential typically required two batteries. Vacuum tubes were also inefficient and fragile compared to transistors and had a limited lifetime.

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The pocket size of transistor radios sparked a change in popular music listening habits, allowing people to listen to music anywhere they went. Beginning around 1980, however, cheap AM transistor radios were superseded initially by the boombox and the Sony Walkman, and later on by digitally-based devices with higher audio quality such as portable CD players, personal audio players, MP3 players and (eventually) by smartphones, many of which contain FM radios.

Vintage Pocket Radios value and price guide

What's your Vintage pocket radios worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Item Title Date Price
general TOSHIBA 6TP 309 POCKET TOSHIBA 6TP 309 POCKET TRANSISTOR 07/2021 $ 312.42
general Rare 1950 s PRIVATE EAR Pocket Rare 1950 S PRIVATE EAR Pocket Tube 07/2021 $ 198.34
general Aiwa CR 1 FM Portable Stereo Aiwa CR 1 FM Portable Stereo Receiver 07/2021 $ 197.17
general 1950s Red GE Model 677 Pocket 1950s Red GE Model 677 Pocket Transistor 07/2021 $ 157.72
general Tandy Radio Shack Pocket Tandy Radio Shack Pocket Computer PC 4 08/2021 $ 156.57
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021-.--

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