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Published: December 28, 2021
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The Panasonic R-72, more commonly known as the Toot-a-Loop Radio, is a portable radio made by Panasonic in the early 1970s. Nobody is sure who the designer is of the radio, but the name 'J.M. Willmin' pops up here and there. The novelty radio was designed to be wrapped around the wrist, provided your wrist wasn't too large. It can only receive AM broadcast only (525 - 1605 kHz), although Barlow-Wadley from South-Africa released an FM version, model RF-72. The bold colors, including red, white, blue, orange and yellow, were part of a larger marketing effort to make these electronics fashionable first, and useful second. It also came with stickers for customizing the unit.

toot a loop radio advertisement

The marketing tagline for the "Crazy Color Portables" was "They even play music." The advertisement song went "It's an S it's an O it's a crazy radio! Toot a loop!".

The tuner was located inside one of the "splits," so the radio had to be twisted into the "S" position in order to be tuned, but the volume control was on the outer diameter of the radio and could be adjusted regardless of whether the radio was twisted open or closed. There is also a jack for a (mono) earplug. The radio was probably exclusively built by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Japan for different brands in other markets. Powered by 1x 9V for model R72, and 2x 1.5V (AA) for model R72S.


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Panasonic 1969 PANASONIC National R 72 1969 PANASONIC National R 72 Yellow TOOT 11/2021 $200
Panasonic 1973 Panasonic Glossy Red Toot 1973 Panasonic Glossy Red Toot A Loop 11/2021 $200
Panasonic 1969 National Panasonic R 72 1969 National Panasonic R 72 Toot A Loop 12/2021 $175
Panasonic new 1969 Panasonic National R New 1969 Panasonic National R 72 Toot A 11/2021 $140
Panasonic Red Panasonic AM Transistor Red Panasonic AM Transistor Radio 1970 10/2021 $129
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