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Published: September 23, 2021
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The H500 'Super Trans-Oceanic' was introduced in May 1951 at an initial price of $99.95 (equivalent to around $1,050 today). It had a redesigned front face and incorporated many frequency coverage and electronic changes ordered by Zenith founder Eugene McDonald. There were 245,000 H-500s sold. There also was a production run in 1953-54, of 27,218 "militarized" H-500's, designated R-520/URR, ordered by the U.S. government for the Korean conflict. This set added a sixth tube, the 50A1, to eliminate power fluctuations. The Zenith H500 was the last of the trans-oceanics manufactured with only 5 tubes, a 3V4, 1U5, (2) 1U4, and 1L6 (RF, Converter, IF, Detector/AGC/first AF stage and AF output) and a selenium rectifier. Subsequent Trans-Oceanic models were manufactured with 6 tubes. In addition to the Broadcast band, Shortwave coverage is provided in six
ranges (2-4MHz, 4-8MHz, and the 16m, 19m, 25m and 31m bands).

zenith h500

The H500 was manufactured from 1951 to 1953, and the radio has 7 bands selected by pushbuttons to the right of the dial:

  • Standard Broadcast from 540 kc to 1600 kc (555M to 188 M)
  • Weather Band from 4 Mc to 8 Mc (75 M to 38 M)
  • Weather Band from 2 Mc to 4 Mc (150M to 75M)
  • Short Wave from 17.5 Mc to 18.1 Mc (16M)
  • Short wave from 14.9 Mc to 15.5 Mc (19M)
  • Short Wave from 11.6 Mc to 12.0 Mc (25M)
  • Short Wave from 9.4 Mc to 9.8 Mc (31M)

A detachable 'Wavemagnet' loop antenna is fitted into the lid of the receiver  that operates on the Broadcast band (when detached it can be mounted on a window with suction cups), and a very long telescopic whip (‘WaveRod’) is provided for Shortwave reception – an external antenna/ground can also be attached if needed.  When used as a portable, batteries are installed in a compartment located beneath the chassis.  One of the nice features of the Transoceanic series is the 'RadiOrgan' switched tone control system – providing adjustments for Treble, Voice, Alto and Bass.

Trans-Oceanic H500 documents

Repair service manual

Need a copy of the service manual or schematics?
Download the Trans-Oceanic H500 service manual (PDF).

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