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Published: September 23, 2021
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In 1968 the Royal 7000 series Trans-Oceanic was introduced. The new model sported a completely new look and many improvements over the weaknesses of the earlier 1000/3000 series models. Besides a new look, a BFO was added for SSB/CW reception. Also a wide/narrow filter switch was added for increased selectivity. The 13-meter band was re-introduced along with extended coverage from 1620 kHz through 2000 kHz and the VHF weather band. The electrical design was an improvement in both selectivity and sensitivity, and used modern silicon NPN transistors rather than the previous germanium types. Sound quality was much improved. The internal mechanical design was quite similar to the earlier models, and still used a steel chassis and point-to-point wiring, rather than PC boards. Production of the Royal 7000 is estimated at 130,000.

zenith transoceanic 7000


The last model Trans-Oceanic was the R7000 series introduced in 1979. This model now had complete coverage from 150 kHz through 30 MHz. Gone was the electrical band spread for improved tuning. The R7000 sported a new electrical design using modular circuit boards instead of the point to point hard wired chassis of all previous models. There were many other new features also such as dual tuning meters, squelch and several added bands such as Air, VHF 144 MHz through 175 MHz. The R7000 was built in Chicago for the first year but production was moved to Taiwan for the final two years, while all the models before had been made in the USA.

The new Royal line sold well, around 10,000 per year for the 3 year run but Zenith's lead was steadily eroded. By the time of the release of the 'R7000' in 1979, fierce competition from Sony in Japan—who, with their digital readout tuning dial had, in many ways, a superior product—meant the end of a famous product line.

The R7000 was a radical departure from some of the design concepts upon which all the previous models were based. For this reason many Trans-oceanic fans disparage the final T/O as being inferior to the ones that went before, but interestingly, since they were sold in such small numbers compared with earlier models, they demand premium prices in today’s collector market. The 7000 is externally nearly identical to the previous Royal 700, the case appears to be pretty much the same other than a few superficial styling differences. But once you open the front doors you see a completely redesigned radio. The black, silver and light blue of the older model is replaced by predominantly black with a bit of silver and reddish orange accent colors. Size is 13.8 x 10.2 x 6.2".


There were three versions: the R-7000, R-7000-1 and R-7000-2. Differences between the original and the -1 were minor but with the introduction of the R-7000-2 the chassis designation changed from 2WKR70 to 2WMR70 and there was one big improvement; a troublesome belt in the tuning system was replaced by a geared design which eliminated tuning slippage and backlash. Because of this the R-7000-2 with the WMR chassis is the most desirable version.


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