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Published: September 29, 2021
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The Sansui 9090 is the mid-70s, upgraded version of the 8080 receiver with 110 watts continuous, per channel (minimum RMS) at 1000Hz both channels driven into 8 ohms, with no more than 0.2 % distortion. In the original catalog, the company recommended this model as a top device, equipped with numerous innovations, and at the same time compact and user-friendly. This receiver is distinguished by high power, high-quality automatic noise suppression and a very selective tuner based on a sophisticated electronic design.

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Sansui 9090 is also characterized by a beautiful, wide soundstage and a really rich, almost “fat” sound. Deep rich sound typical of high power 1970s receivers. Sound is full even at very low volume levels. Features include four meters: power (each channel); signal strength; tuning, power protection circuitry and LED indicator, triple tone control with turnover selectors, two tape deck terminal facilities, Dolby FM/4-channel adaptor facility, wide dynamic range from precise phono equalisation system, full range of controls, connections for three sets of speaker systems and FM Multipath detection system.


  • power: 2 x 110W at 8 Ohm, stereo
  • FM range 88-108 MHz, does not require re-tuning
  • frequency response: 10Hz 30kHz
  • total harmonic distortion 0,2%
  • input sensitivity 2,5mV (MM), 100mV (DIN), 100mV (line)
  • signal-to-noise ratio 70dB (MM), 80dB (line)
  • weight: 23.3 kg
  • channel separation 50dB (MM), 50dB (line)
  • output 100mV (line), 30mV (DIN), 0,75V (preamplifier output)
  • damping factor 10
  • dimensions: 540 x 182 x 397mm
  • year of production 1975/77

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Item Title Date Price
Sansui Sansui 9090DB Fully Recapped Sansui 9090DB Fully Recapped Restored AM 09/2021 $ 2 899.75
Sansui Sansui Model 9090DB AM FM Sansui Model 9090DB AM FM Stereo 07/2021 $ 2 086.66
Sansui Sansui 990DB 9090DB Stereo Sansui 990DB 9090DB Stereo Receiver Amp 09/2021 $ 2 072.30
Sansui Sansui 9090 Receiver Please Sansui 9090 Receiver Please Read 09/2021 $ 1 390.72
Sansui Sansui 9090 Stereo Sansui 9090 Stereo Receiver… 09/2021 $ 1 275.89
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