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Published: October 25, 2021
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The Sony DR-S3 are dynamic headphones, extremely well built and stylish designed. The ear-pads are made from synthetic leather and glued directly to the speaker chambers. Range: 20 to 20.000 Hz. They also came with the popular Sony Boodo Khan walkman, rebranded as Sony DR-S100 (see differences below), to reproduce the sound and resonance of the famous Nippon Budokan concert hall. Although they use the same chassis (with different printing), there are some differences between the two. The DR-S3 uses 70mm drivers and the DR-S100 40mm, besides, the DR-S3 uses a completely different baffle on the front. They feel very solid with very little moving parts. The chassis is made entirely of hard plastic besides the plastic leather headband. The only movement is the headband adjustment. Despite the bulky size, the headphones are fairly lightweight at 240 grams. They have a very enjoyable sound signature and they still look good after many years of usage.

sony dr-s3 headphones

Sony DR-S3 specs

  • Released in 1978 until 1982
  • Original price: 3,200 yen (around 28 USD)
  • Dynamic
  • Diaphragm 70mm
  • Impedance 10 Ohm
  • 20-20000 Hz
  • Allowable input: 1,000 mW
  • Sensitivity: 102dB
  • Weight: 285g 

Sony DR-S3 value and price guide

What's your Sony DR-S3 worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Item Title Date Price
Sony SONY WM DD100 Boodo Khan SONY WM DD100 Boodo Khan Original 09/2021 $ 1 700.39
Sony RARE SONY DR S3 Dynamic Stereo RARE SONY DR S3 Dynamic Stereo 10/2021 $ 34.01
Sony RARE 1979 SONY DR S3 Dynamic RARE 1979 SONY DR S3 Dynamic Stereo 09/2021 $ 39.68
Sony 70 s 80 s Rare Sony DR S3 70 S 80 S Rare Sony DR S3 Dynamic Stereo 10/2021 $ 20.28
Sony Oval Ellipse Egg Shape Soft Oval Ellipse Egg Shape Soft Leather 09/2021 $ 12.38
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021-.--

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