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Published: May 26, 2021
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B&O has never shied away from the upper echelons of the audio market. Founded in 1925, the Danish firm is still best known for strong focus on sophisticated design. From the 1960s onward, designers like Henning Moldenhawer and Henrik Sørig Thomsen helped shape a new identity for hi-fi design, emphasising geometric forms and simple control surfaces to conceal the complexity of the device within.

Beogram turntables

Beogram refers to turntables and, later, CD players. Jacob Jensen's first Beogram design was unlike prior B&O designs; the company committed to only making 50 but went on to make thousands. Bang & Olufsen developed electronically controlled tangential turntables in the 1970s, starting with the Beogram 4000 of 1972. The last tangential tracking turntable was the Beogram 7000, which were taken off the production lines in 1995. B&O has also produced radial tracking turntables. Some models are great examples of modern industrial design.

The 4002-4004 series probably represent the pinnacle of B&O design and development. It all started with the Beogram 1000, but the Beogram 4000 was a cutting-edge technological landmark, finished in wood veneer, aluminium and plastic.

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Beogram Turntables value and price guide

What's your Beogram turntables worth in 2022? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Item Title Date Price
Bang & Olufsen Bang Olufsen Beogram 4002 Bang Olufsen Beogram 4002 Turntable 10/2021 $2164
Bang & Olufsen Rare white Bang Olufsen Rare White Bang Olufsen Beogram 6500 10/2021 $1700
Bang & Olufsen Bang Olufsen B O BeoGram 3500 Bang Olufsen B O BeoGram 3500 Record 11/2021 $1353
Bang & Olufsen Bang Olufsen Beogram 4004 Bang Olufsen Beogram 4004 Linear 12/2021 $1200
Bang & Olufsen MCM Bang Olufesen BeoGram 4004 MCM Bang Olufesen BeoGram 4004 Record 12/2021 $901
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices01/2022-.--

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