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Published: May 22, 2021
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The Technics SL-10 was introduced in 1979, at the peak of the Japanese hi-fi industry's power. As well as being the first turntable with linear tracking from the Matsushita group, it also pioneered the idea of a complete turntable system with a footprint the same size as an LP in its sleeve. Unlike many of the inexpensive designs that followed it, this model is cast from aluminium and weighs 6.5 kg (14 lb). Its chassis is the same size as a standard LP sleeve doing away with the large plinth, visible tonearm and general bulk associated with conventional radial-tracking turntables that the public was familiar with up to that point.


Operation of all of the functions was fully automatic, sequenced by a built-in microprocessor, while the arm came tipped with an EPC-310MC moving-coil cartridge, the preamplifier for which was built into the plinth. No expense had been spared and no corners cut. The SL-10 was intended to rival the performance of the very best.

Technics turntable stand

Playing your records up side down? No problem. Perhaps the most unusual feature is its ability to play vinyl in any position, even in a vertical position, in fact records could be played upside down with the lid closed, the internal disc clamp holds the record in place, and the tonearm, being dynamically balanced, maintains a consistent tracking force regardless of the turntable position. There was even een special stand for it: the Technics SH-B10.


The Technics SL-10 was an instant hit with demand far outstripping supply. Since the factory couldn't make them fast enough, a version that was easier to produce was soon added to the range. This was the Technics SL-7, which sold in vast quantities. The simplification of the structure and electronics did nothing to harm the performance. In fact, it has been suggested that the SL-7 is actually the better sounding of the two compact turntables...


  • Automatic judgment of correct record speed
  • Auto lead-in and auto disc size selection
  • Repeat from the beginning during play
  • Auto-stop
  • Auto retrun
  • Auto-cueing, muting
  • Automatic repeat
  • Cartridge: EPC-310MC
  • Wow and Flutter: 0.025%
  • Rumble: -78 dB
  • Effective Tonearm Length: 105mm (4¼")
  • Speed Accuracy: +/- 0.002%

SL-10 documents

Instructions & manuals

Looking for the instructions?
Download here the SL-10 manual (PDF).

Repair service manual

Need a copy of the service manual or schematics?
Download the SL-10 service manual (PDF).

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Charles - September 19, 2021
Fan de la SL 10 . remis en état à ce jour environ 80 unités. Une SL 10 est toujours réparable. Pour la SL 15 c'est une autre histoire !
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