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Published: May 10, 2021
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Technics was introduced as a brand name for premium loudspeakers marketed domestically by Matsushita in 1965. The name came to wider prominence with the international sales of direct-drive turntables. It eliminated belts, and instead employed a motor to directly drive a platter on which a vinyl record rests. It is a significant advancement over older belt-drive turntables. In 1969, Matsushita launched Obata's invention as the SP-10, the first direct-drive turntable on the professional market.

Technics turntables

In 1971, Matsushita released the Technics SL-1100 for the consumer market. Due to its strong motor, durability, and fidelity, it was adopted by early hip hop artists. The SL-1100 was used by the influential DJ Kool Herc for the first sound system he set up after emigrating from Jamaica to New York City.

In the 1970s, 1976 to be precise, Technics introduced two belt-driven turntables for the mass market, the SL-20 and SL-23. The principal difference between the two models was the additional feature of semi-automatic operation in the SL-23, along with an adjustable speed control with built-in strobe light. At the time they were introduced, the SL-20 and SL-23, which sold for $100.00 and $140.00 respectively, set a new performance standard for inexpensive turntables.

Despite being originally created to market their high-end equipment, by the early 1980s Technics was offering an entire range of equipment from entry-level to high-end.

Best Technics turntables

According to Technics fans on the internet, the following vintage models are most popular:

  • Technics SL-10
  • Technics SL-M3
  • Technics SL-15
  • Technics SL-7
  • Technics SL-QL1
  • Technics SL-5

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Vintage Technics Turntables value and price guide

What's your Vintage Technics turntables worth in 2022? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Item Title Date Price
Technics Technics SL 1200MK2 1200MK2 DJ Technics SL 1200MK2 1200MK2 DJ Turntable 12/2021 $7900
Technics Technics SL 1200G Direct Drive Technics SL 1200G Direct Drive DJ 11/2021 $4550
Technics 1 custom woodgrain style 1 Custom Woodgrain Style Technics SL1200 01/2022 $3495
Technics Technics SL 1200 LTD Limited Technics SL 1200 LTD Limited No 4252 DJ 12/2021 $3000
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices01/2022-.--

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