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Published: August 31, 2021
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All God's Children are unique handcrafted collectibles created by Alabama artist Martha Holcombe-Root from East Gadsen. Other lines of figurines by Miss Martha Originals include: the Black History collection, and the Nativity collection. Many collectors are familiar with the "All God's Children" story. But many more are not. Accordingly, here is that story. Miss Martha is the speaker: "In 1980 the pastor at my church asked the congregation to make a faith promise (pledge an offering amount) to help raise money to repair the leaky roof on our church building. Without a job and with three children the family funds were tight. After praying and seeking God's guidance, I felt that God wanted me to pledge $800.00. I had no idea how I would get this money but since this is what God had impressed upon me, I knew He would make a way. Soon after this, I created a soft sculpture doll and took it to church. Several people wanted to buy a pattern to make their own doll. Several days later I was looking at a craft magazine when the idea came to me to market the patterns through mail order.

all gods children figurine

All the ads listed business names so I used the name my Sunday School kids called me... "Miss Martha". I added the "Originals" part just to give it a finishing touch. I borrowed $600.00 to place a 2" x 2" ad in the back of the magazine. I worked 18 hours a day for the next three months getting my first pattern "Lisa" ready for the printer.

As soon as the magazine was published, my first trip to the post office was filled with joy and excitement. Wow! Twenty envelopes were there with each one containing a $4.25 check. I immediately called my pastor to share the good news. Orders came in steadily and I was able to pay my faith promise and design more patterns. The more we gave to God, the more He continued to bless.

What started out as nothing more than a desire to help repair the church was quickly turning into a booming business. My education was in the field of mental health and I knew absolutely nothing about running a business. The Bible is true when it says God uses the simple things of the world to confound the wise. I wanted nothing more than to honor Christ with my efforts.

In 1984 we moved into a new building in the industrial park. We had 33 employees at the time.

That was one of our highs. A low came shortly thereafter when the market for doll patterns all but vanished. Although we didn't have money to make our building payment, my best friend and company manager, Carolyn Snead, and I refused to give up. We knew God had started the business and He would let us know when it was time to close.

So, in 1985, with only four employees left, I started sculpting a line of figurines we christened... All God's Children. This name was chosen from 1 John 3:1 "See how much the Father loves us! His love is so great that we are called God's children."

Having no formal art training, I didn't really know what I was doing but once again God blessed my efforts.

In 1989 we introduced a black historical series of figurines. This was done to increase awareness of the unsung heroes and heroines of America's past who had a positive influence in shaping the history of our country with their courage, beliefs, and determination."

All God's Children value and price guide

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Item Title Date Price
Miss Martha Originals All God s Children Miss Martha All God S Children Miss Martha Holcombe 11/2021 $600
Miss Martha Originals All Gods Children Frederick All Gods Children Frederick Douglass 12/2021 $275
Miss Martha Originals All Gods Children Robert 1591 All Gods Children Robert 1591 Martha 12/2021 $65
Miss Martha Originals Sojourner Truth figurine Sojourner Truth Figurine Martha Holcombe 12/2021 $180
Miss Martha Originals Sojourner Truth figurine Sojourner Truth Figurine Martha Holcombe 12/2021 $180
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices01/2022-.--

All God's Children forum

"Ask questions or share your stories." - John, Fabcollectibles

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Angie - January 16, 2022
I have a Harriet Tubman that looks nothing like the ones on eBay and a Jackie Robinson. The Harriet Tubman is numbered 4/94 and has Harriet Tubman stamped on it. I have a little girl named Olivia and I can’t find her at all. Is there a catalog of reference?
Sandra - December 20, 2021
I’m looking to purchase mary Mahoney and Georgie if anyone has them..
Lucie - December 2, 2021
I have over 140 Pc. Of Miss Martha’s Collectibles I would like to sell. 95% of them are in original boxes and signed. Please contact me if interested in collection or individually. Thank you Lucie
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DianeLucie - December 4, 2021
I'm interested in Martin, the nativity set king with the orange cape and gold crown. I have Charles and I don't know if there's a 3rd king. If there is, and you have it, I'd be interested it that piece as well. Thanks!
Carlamiranda - November 28, 2021
Hi I am interested in purchasing some.
April - November 28, 2021
My partner of 40 years just passed away. She collected Miss Martha's All God's Children when they started. She probably has close to 200 pieces and over half of them are signed by Miss Martha. All of them are in original boxes. I will be selling these, if anyone is interested.
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HiApril - December 6, 2021
Please contact me.
carla - November 10, 2021
I am looking for Madam CJ Walker to buy. Any suggestions besides ebay. Been looking for a long time. thanks
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Vikkicarla - November 19, 2021
I have Madam CJ Walker. Are you still interested in her?
Vikkicarla - November 30, 2021
I have her for sale if you are still interested.
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AngieVikki - January 16, 2022
I would be interested in Madam CJ Walker. I wish they would make a Henrietta Lacks also. If anyone has a Madam CJ Walker please let me know. Thank you.
Brenda - October 18, 2021
I have the Whole set I believe of All Gods Children I would like to sale. Would you know who I could get in touch with to sale what I have. They were my Moks but she has passed away. Thank you
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SebreeBrenda - November 18, 2021
I’m interested to know what you have.
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WebmasterSebree - December 2, 2021
I've forwarded your email address to Brenda.
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