Published: July 4, 2021

The Capodimonte logo, the Crown and Neapolitan N, was originally painted or impressed on porcelain and ceramics produced at the Royal Factory in Naples from 1759 to 1780 and was synonymous with the finest quality Neapolitan porcelain and ceramics from that period onwards.

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The Royal Factory

The Royal Factory, which no longer exists, came to being when King Charles of Naples married Maria Amalia. She was the granddaughter of Augustus II, who in addition to being the King of Poland, also founded the first European hard paste porcelain factory in Meissen, Germany. King Charles developed a curiosity about porcelain through his new wife’s family.

Passion & skills

This interest turned into a passion that led to many years of research and development before the Royal Factory came about. Once the formula for porcelain paste was perfected, many skilled craftsmen and artisans, both men and women, worked to produce fine Capodimonte pieces. Plates, vases, small and large bowls, tea and coffee cups, large and small jugs, sugar bowls, tea caddies, teapots, snuff-boxes, and walking stick handles mounted in gold are among the fine pieces produced at the factory in Italy.


The factory eventually moved to Spain and back to Italy again several decades later under the direction of King Charles’ son, Ferdinand. During this period, the shape, style and decoration of the porcelain production was similar to that of the original Capodimonte factory.

Figurines, vases, lamps & flowers

Popular Capodimonte ornaments to collect are:

  • Vases
  • Flowers
  • Animals
  • Figurines
  • Lamps
  • Figure groups
  • Disney figures


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