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Published: August 31, 2021
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All the Cherished Teddies begin life as pictures by artist Priscilla Hillman (whose other collections include Calico Kittens, Priscilla's Mouse Tales, and My Blushing Bunnies). The Cherished Teddies Collection began in 1992 by designers Priscilla and Glenn Hillman, and has been one of the top performing collectibles. Some early Cherished Teddies are sought after and collectible, as seen on this page, but most prices of their figurines have come down. As well as figurines the collection also included decorative accessories and ornaments. Each Cherished Teddies Figurine carries a Certificate of Adoption. Once completed they could be forwarded to and registered at the Cherished Teddies Adoption Centre. All the Cherished Teddies live in Cherished Teddies Town, and many of the figurines relate to specific collections.

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In 2009, the Cherished Teddies Club celebrated its 15th Anniversary and was one of the most popular collectors clubs. It enabled members (called 'membears') to receive joining gifts, the opportunity to buy exclusive Cherished Teddies and to keep up with all the latest bear happenings through the club newsletter, The Town Tatler.

Note: I don't think the club is still active. They have a Facebook page, but that hasn't been updated since 2016. Cherished Teddies is now owned by Enesco, but they don't have any new Teddies in their shop.


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Cherished Teddies value and price guide

What's your Cherished Teddies worth in 2022? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Item Title Date Price
Enesco Cherished Teddies 4007768 CT Cherished Teddies 4007768 CT 15th 12/2021 $799
Enesco Cherished Teddies 4036071 Cherished Teddies 4036071 Millie Bear 11/2021 $590
Enesco Cherished Teddies 4051043 Cherished Teddies 4051043 Lecia Fairy 12/2021 $455
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices01/2022-.--

Cherished Teddies forum

"Ask questions or share your stories." - John, Fabcollectibles

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Denise - January 21, 2022
I have the complete set of the alphabet do you know how much it could be worth?
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JohnDenise - January 23, 2022
I seem them going for around 2 to 8 USD per letter.
william - October 25, 2021
I have over 200 cherished teddies most in original boxes do you know of someone interested in buying some or all ?
Steph - October 23, 2021
I inherited a bunch of my mom's Collection of Cherished Teddies and I was wondering what they were worth. They are in perfect condition and some even have certificates with them.
Kimberly - October 19, 2021
I have a whole collection of cherished teddies that I inherited and was interested in knowing if you know who might like to purchase the collection.
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JohnKimberly - October 19, 2021
I'm afraid I don't know... You could try and sell them as a lot on eBay, Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.
Chirapat - October 12, 2021
I LOVE Teddies
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ChirapatChirapat - October 19, 2021
If anyone is interested in buying a whole collection of cherished Teddies please let me know. Thank you, Kimberly. Thank you John.
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