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Published: August 16, 2021
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By the late-19th Century, if you built a house, it needed to have a music room to keep your piano. The piano needed of course a shawl to keep it dust free, which needed something to keep the silk thing from slipping off. That 'thing' was a bisque porcelain figurine called the 'Piano Baby'. They range in size from 6 to 18 inches. Most of these baby figurines were made in Germany. So know you know why piano babies were made.

piano babies


A few producers of bisque piano babies were:

  • Heubach
  • Lefton
  • Andrea by Sadek
  • Conta & Boehme (Böhme)

Heubach Piano Babies

The most popular piano babies were made by Gebrüder Heubach (Heubach Brothers), a German company founded by Georg Christoph and Phillipp Jakob Heubach in Lichte, Thuringia, in 1843. The reason Heubach figurines are so special is because in 1863 the company started a school for porcelain sculpting, and trained their artists to create naturally expressive faces with distinctive hairstyles and quirky features, like dimples. Natural looking, high-quality figurines.

It was the deep, intaglio-cut, painted eyes that gave their piano babies the depth of realism they are famous for. Most Heubach babies, by the way, are boys.

Piano Babies value and price guide

What's your Piano babies worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

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General WILLIAM KNABE Baby Grand Piano WILLIAM KNABE Baby Grand Piano Nice 07/2021 $ 1 811.04
General Pr Huebach German Bisque Pr Huebach German Bisque Porcelain Piano 08/2021 $ 622.55
General Baby Grand Piano for sale Baby Grand Piano For Sale Beautiful 07/2021 $ 646.31
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