Anglepoise Lamps

Published: May 14, 2021

The Anglepoise lamp is a balanced-arm lamp designed in 1932 by British designer George Carwardine. While developing new concepts for vehicle suspensions, he created a mechanism which he recognised had applications in other fields. Carwardine applied for a patent for a design using the mechanism on 4 July 1932, and manufactured the lamp himself in the workshops of his own company, Cardine Accessories, in Bath. The joints and spring tension allow the lamp to be moved into a wide range of positions which it will maintain without being clamped. He soon found the interest and demand so great that he needed a major expansion or partner and, on 22 February 1934, entered into a licensing agreement with Herbert Terry and Sons in Redditch. The original four-spring design was made for working environments, such as workshops and doctors' and dentists' surgeries, but he also designed a three-spring version for use in the home.

Anglepoise lamps

A key feature of the Anglepoise design and patent is the placement of all springs (either three or four) near the base. The design was extensively copied by other companies, usually in simplified form, and is still in use. Some derivatives use a heavy balance weight instead of the springs. The most common version replaces the arm linkages with two independent parallelogram linkages, with a pair of light tension springs on each half of the arm.

The arm has been employed in other devices where it is necessary to hold an object stationary at a convenient point in space, notably the copy holder for typists and in some applications, the computer display screen.

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