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Published: May 17, 2021
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I once bought one of these lamps of eBay for around 80 bucks and I thought it was like 1.5 meters tall, due to the pictures the Ukranian seller showed in the listing. Was I wrong... It's about 39 cm! Nonetheless, I love this lamp. I've replaced the old trafo inside with a 3.7V Li-ion battery and the old bulb with some low amp LEDs, and can charge it with an ordinary phone charging cable.

Soviet rocket lamp


These Soviet rocket lamps are propaganda souvenirs to celebrate the USSR's victory in outer space with the launch of the first rocket around the earth with a real human passenger, a cosmonaut instead of dogs and monkeys. They're probably made from 1964 until probably mid 1980s.


The flame part of the standing night table rocket lamp which I have, is made from red, translucent plastic with a chromed metal rocket on top. The base is made from bakelite and has pictures on the side depicting the glorious society the USSR of course was. Think Lenin, industry, famers, etc. On the bottom is the word UEHA (well, not entirely, but the first character was shown as a ? so I've replaced it for a 'U') and means price, with the staggering amount of 16 K(opek). 1 ruble consists of 100 kopek, and had a value of around $0.90 in 1964, so this thing would have cost around... 13 cents?

Nobody knows which company made this rocket lamp. It's a mystery. But I strongly suggest to collect them all. They are pretty cool!


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USSR RARE Rocket Globe Soviet Table RARE Rocket Globe Soviet Table Lamp 07/2021 $ 343.45
USSR 1970 80s Rare Soviet Lava Lamp 1970 80s Rare Soviet Lava Lamp Space 07/2021 $ 231.98
USSR Exclusive Soviet Russian Space Exclusive Soviet Russian Space Sputnik 08/2021 $ 230.82
USSR 1970 80s Rare Soviet Lava Lamp 1970 80s Rare Soviet Lava Lamp Space 08/2021 $ 197.18
USSR 1980s Rare Soviet Lava Lamp 1980s Rare Soviet Lava Lamp Space Rocket 08/2021 $ 191.27
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Sam - June 30, 2021
Hi, I recently bought one of these lamps as well. I was wondering if you have any specifics on finding a bulb here in the US or the led conversion you did? I would like to keep the lamp outside as original as possible. Thanks, Sam
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JohnSam - June 30, 2021
Hi there Sam! The LED conversion is quite elaborate and involves removing the original transformer. I also made it rechargeable and thus removed the electric cord. However, I noticed the original bulb looks very similar to old bicycle bulbs. Maybe you can look closer to it, and see a voltage of some sort on it. Let me know if you succeed. Otherwise, I'll dig in my drawers to see if I can find my old one. These are universal and definitely out there, that's for sure.
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