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Published: September 1, 2021
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In 1883 Hermann Thorens began making music box mechanisms in Sainte-Croix (Ste-Croix), Vaud, Switzerland. An initial producer of musical boxes and clock movements (which they were still producing in the 1950s), they started producing Edison-type phonographs in 1903. The firm produced musical movements and music boxes until 1985, when their music box department, was bought by Reuge SA. Known for its modern cylinder movements, which are found in many popular collectors' items, such as wooden boxes with revolving tops. The revolving portion often had wooden, hand-carved figures, made by for example Anri, and the base usually had a 28-note movement. The company's movements are also found mounted in a wide range of cases, ranging from simple, well-finished plain boxes to boxes with ornately decorated wooden inlay designs. The disc music boxes were sold under the names Edelwiess and Helvetia. The company was bought by Paillard after WWII, and Jean Paul Thorens opened a factory in L' Auberson to produce movements under the trade name Melodies.

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The oldest of the Thorens Disc Boxes have open movements. These boxes will date before 1930. The oldest of the disc players also have a single piece swing arm which was in use until the mid to late 1950's.

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Music boxes Thorens Music Box Wood 41 Thorens Music Box Wood 41 Discs 01/2022 $430
Music boxes Reuge Thorens Swiss Domed Reuge Thorens Swiss Domed Treasure Chest 11/2021 $405
Music boxes Thorens 4 1 2 Inch Disk Music Thorens 4 1 2 Inch Disk Music Box 5 12/2021 $375
Music boxes ERZGEBIRGE Wendt Kuhn THORENS ERZGEBIRGE Wendt Kuhn THORENS Music Box 11/2021 $375
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jimmy - December 25, 2021
i have a music box that has been in my family for 70 over years and it still works. Im looking for history of this piece, it measures 13.5 x 13.5cm and just over 5.3 cm wide. Its has a thorens movement music player and plays tales of vienna woods( i think thats the song ) painted black with gold inside the boarder with a gold pic of John Stratus 1825 - 1899 also made in switzerland, i would appreciate any information, thank you jimmy
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