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Published: August 29, 2021
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The Dunhill Rollagas was launched in 1956, when the patent had been granted. but it had already been introduced in 1953 in limited numbers. The lighter was designed by Conrad Zellweger, and manufactured by La Nationale in Switzerland. Zellweger's designs for the filling valve, burner system and flame adjuster are still used today; it's the engineering that has gone into the Rollagas that allows the lighter to be elegant, and satisfying to use. That's partly why it's so expensive. Its design was very close to Dunhill's popular petrol Rollalite model and initially the Rollagas was only offered in gold and silver plated "engine turned" barley-corn pattern bodies with smooth lids. Other patterns were offered beginning in the early 60's including the Florentine pattern, hobnail, and "engine turned" diamond patterns.

vintage dunhill rollagas lighter

The exterior design is simple, functional and, with its concealed hinge (introduced in 1971), instantly recognisable. Yet, strangely, the look of the Rollagas is not patented.

Initially only available in gold or silver plate, this lighter is available in various distinctive finishes on the body of the lighter, such as Florentine, Engine Turned, Barley-Corn, Hobnail, Diamond and Weave. Dunhill only offered a few solid silver and 9kt gold models in very limited amounts. They brought out the Series 70 Rollagas in 1969 to compete with Duponts wide bodies and this model  was the first Dunhill lighter with the concealed hinge. The concealed hinge made it on the standard Rollagas in 1971.

This lighter delivers a little experience of luxury with every turn of the roller!


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Dunhill Dunhill Rollagas Dunhill Rollagas Lighter… 11/2021 $881
Dunhill Dunhill Rollagas Lighter Dunhill Rollagas Lighter Palladium 10/2021 $825
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MARK - November 3, 2021
Hi John, I recently obtained a 1956-60 (according to websites) Silver Rollagas. It is not marked Silver. It seems like it is Solid Silver only because of the weight and how it is tarnished. May I ask how can I tell if its Solid or Plated? Thank you and kind regards, Mark
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