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Published: August 19, 2021
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The Adonis model was firstly introduced after WWII in 1947, as a petrol lighter. There were over 45 variations. The Ronson Adonis lighter is smaller model compared to the Varaflame line, and its streamlined design is a bit thinner, giving it a sleaker look than the Varaflames. This name was carried over to the later butane version. A few design variations are uncommon and rare, like the lizard model.

ronson adonis lighter

The Cadet Adonis came with the same system as the Zippo, where the outer cover is pulled off the body to fill petrol and to change flint. It's a bit thicker than the regular Adonis, and thereby holds more fuel.

Hight: 1-3/4" (44 mm).

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Ronson Sterling Silver Engraved Sterling Silver Engraved Ronson Adonis 09/2021 $ 100.78
Ronson 1950s Ronson Adonis Sterling 1950s Ronson Adonis Sterling Silver 06/2021 $ 79.69
Ronson RONSON ADONIS 925 Silver Dark RONSON ADONIS 925 Silver Dark Tone ETG 08/2021 $ 65.63
Ronson Ronson Adonis Sterling Silver Ronson Adonis Sterling Silver Lighter 08/2021 $ 87.88
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