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Published: August 18, 2021
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The Princess line was very long running and encompassed many styles over the years. It was first introduced in 1929, and the earliest versions were 'De-Light Princess'. Later De-Light was dropped and the Princess (and Standard, etc.) became models in their own right as opposed to being variations of the 'De-Light'. The Princess has the same height, but is both slimmer and narrower than the Standard, and is made as a typical womens lighter.

ronson princess lighter

Louis V. Aronson designed the Princess De-Light in 1927, coming at the same time as the standard model, as shown in the design patent. The Princess was continually improved until its last version in the early 1950's. Spanning 25 years of manufacture - the Princess comes in a multitude of finishes, coverings, and enamel designs.

The 1929 Princess version was redesigned from the original 1927 De-Light, incorporating a streamline modern snuffer and thumb press. The underside bears the 1926 Banjo automatic mechanism utility patent along with a 1917 rare earth metal alloy (cerium flint) patent. All known examples of this Princess model are found with chrome plated bodies.

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Ronson Princess Lighter value and price guide

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Item Title Date Price
Ronson 3 nice art deco enamel ronson 3 Nice Art Deco Enamel Ronson Princess 08/2021 $ 71.84
Ronson Ronson PRINCESS Lighter BLACK Ronson PRINCESS Lighter BLACK Enamel 07/2021 $ 23.43
Ronson 4 Ronson Lighter Adonis 4 Ronson Lighter Adonis Princess Capri 08/2021 $ 16.47
Ronson 4 Ronson Lighter Adonis 4 Ronson Lighter Adonis Princess Capri 09/2021 $ 14.48
Ronson Ronson Princess Lighter Ronson Princess Lighter ORIGINAL 08/2021 $ 45.65
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices09/2021-.--

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