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Published: August 18, 2021
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First appearing in 1941, the Whirlwind was slightly larger than the "Standard" variant at the time. The unique feature of the Whirlwind is a windshield that can be pulled up out of the lighter’s body, to help shield the flame when using the lighter outdoors. The Whirlwind was, alongside the Standard model, one of a few lighters produced during WWII. During the war, both the Standard and the Whirlwind were painted black to prevent corrosion, as a lot of them were shipped out to American soldiers all over the world.

ronson whirlwind lighter

A bit of history...

The Whirlwind is a big lighter. It's taller, wider and thicker than the Standard. It was a long-running model series first produced in 1941 and until 1956. These kind of lighters have wind shields, which can be pulled up from the body of the lighters for outdoor use. The lighter came with protective oil from the factory.

On the earliest models, dating to the 1940s, the wind screen has "Ronson / Whirlwind / us pat. 2,002,845" embossed on it. The windshield was changed after a few years and after that they no longer had any text there.

Ronson Whirlwind Imperial

The Whirlwind Imperial was introduced in 1956 and replaced above predecessor. This was the last of the retractable wind shield models. The Imperial was made in at least 5 designs.

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Ronson UNUSED Ronson Whirlwind UNUSED Ronson Whirlwind Lighter 09/2021 $ 73.07
Ronson Dunhill Lift Arm Large Ronson Dunhill Lift Arm Large Ronson Whirlwind 08/2021 $ 56.83
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