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Published: September 29, 2021
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In 1949, the subsidiary of company Chronotechna Šternberk was established in Nové Mesto nad Metují, specializing in the production of personal watches (wristwatches and pocket watches). The first prototype watches were made in 1954 and were marked 'Spartak', the 'PRIM' brand was registered in 1956, the serial production started in 1957, thus Czechoslovakia has become one of only twelve countries in the world capable of producing wrist watches. It was the only manufacturer of watches in Czechoslovakia, reaching about half a million watches produced annually just before the Velvet Revolution.

vintage prim watch

In 1989, the Chronotechna National Enterprise was privatized. After the Velvet Revolution, however, changes took place and the brand image began to deteriorate. Manufacturing at the plant in Nové Mesto nad Metují was forced to end in 1994 and only the assembly of movements from stocked parts continued until, finally, the once famous brand PRIM was forgotten on the Czech market. The individual Chronotechna (Elton) facilities, which had failed to deal with inefficient socialist production and distribution, were pillaged and eventually went bankrupt. Production of Chronotechna’s own clock movements was thus terminated in the mid-1990s for economic and technical reasons, and PRIM watches had to use foreign movements.
In 2001, thanks to MPM-Quality, who bought the brand and all associated rights to PRIM from Chronotechna, the brand returned not only to the Czech market, but also to the EU, the USA and Asia.

Vintage Prim watches

  • Caliber 25 - mechanical watch directly derived in 1954 from the original Lip R25 pattern; was used in the first series of the Spartak and was gradually replaced by a 50 gauge
  • Caliber 50 - mechanical with manual winding, derived in 1954 from the model Lip R25. 15 stones, eccentric second. In production until 1971.
  • Caliber 52 - mechanical with manual winding, derived in 1955 from caliber 50, added data ring. In production until 1971
  • Caliber 55 - mechanical with manual winding, newly solved central second hand with indirect drive, 16 stones. In production in 1958–1971.
  • Caliber 57 - mechanical with manual winding, derived from caliber 55, added data ring. In production in 1958–1971.
  • Caliber 66 - mechanical with manual winding, new caliber design derived from the Swiss model ETA 1080, 17 stones. In production in 1965–1993.
  • Caliber 68 - mechanical with manual winding, derived from caliber 66, data ring added. In production in 1969–1993.
  • Caliber 70 - mechanical with manual winding from 1971, not introduced into production.
  • Caliber 80 - mechanical with manual winding, 17 stones. In production in 1971–1993.
  • Caliber 96 - mechanical with automatic winding, 21 stones. In production in 1971–1989.
  • Caliber 97 - mechanical with automatic winding, 21 stones, date wreath with Day-Date display. In production in 1979–1989.
  • Caliber 200 - quartz, 7 stones. In production in 1988–1995.
  • Caliber 210 - quartz, 7 stones, data wreath. In production in 1993–1995.

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Prim PRIM Watch Diplomat Mechanical PRIM Watch Diplomat Mechanical Rare Mens 08/2021 $ 462.80
Prim Collectible PRIM 17J Original Collectible PRIM 17J Original Box Papers 08/2021 $ 404.81
Prim PRIM MYSLIVEC mechanical PRIM MYSLIVEC Mechanical Czechoslovakian 09/2021 $ 335.21
Prim Mechanical Prim Art Deco Wall Mechanical Prim Art Deco Wall Clock 09/2021 $ 297.89
Prim PRIM Watch Automatic PRIM Watch Automatic Mechanical 1980 07/2021 $ 288.82
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