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Published: September 26, 2021
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Seiko debuted its  Seiko 6106-8100 watch in 1968 as its first "Sport Diver", and was made for just a couple of years. The 8100 comes in at approx. 38mm and wears true to size with its slim c-case shape. It features 19mm lugs, and a relatively flat screw down case back.  Advertisements boast about its diving capability, that was "Proof" in 1969, all the way down to 229 feet. Other marketing ads made it seem like the choice for surfers. The 6106 is a classic vintage watch for several good reasons, and one of the best features of the 6106 is the dial.

seiko 6106 8100

The watch was made in a number of dial colors: dark grey, white/silver, dark blue, dark green and an exotic dark blue with 'chevron' indices. Dark grey is the most popular color with the others variants taking on other levels of rarity. The watch came on a stainless bracelet that has become a rare find due to its lightweight and stretchy nature, but the watch thankfully looks good on a variety of straps. These dials, regardless of variant color, sparkle in the light and were finished better than many of the Swiss watches from the same period.  This is coupled with sparse writing on the dial, rendering a dial that's purposeful and sparse, finished with Seiko's famous Suwa logo.  Once you add the case-colored bi-directional bezel, which flows well into the radial polished case, you have a nicely elegant and simplistic dive watch.

Original price

The "surfers" watch Seiko 6106-8100 was offered for $75, which is the equivalent of around $600 today.

Models after 1968 often showed "resist" on the dial.

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Seiko Seiko 6106 8100… Seiko 6106 8100… 09/2021 $ 1 019.77
Seiko Seiko 6106 8100… Seiko 6106 8100… 09/2021 $ 1 019.77
Seiko RARE SEIKO 1960s Divers 70 RARE SEIKO 1960s Divers 70 Meter Mens 08/2021 $ 940.25
Seiko 1968 SEIKO First Sports Diver 1968 SEIKO First Sports Diver Ref 6106 07/2021 $ 820.69
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