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Published: December 7, 2021
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The Seiko D409, also known as the Seiko Sign Table, was released in 1982 and was a forerunner to Casio's successful Databank watches. It had a number of case variations. While it featured the usual digital wristwatch functions of time, date, alarm and stopwatch, it's main selling point was the ability of the wearer to set a number of screens of alpha-numeric messages in a very readable dot-matrix display, for recall later. The most difficult part of this watch is data entry. The messages were inputted using the ‘sign table' at the bottom of the LCD.

seiko d409 watch

Like the Seiko Data 2000 or UC 2000, this model didn't have the keyboard dock for data entry, instead having a noticeable 'sign table' at the bottom of the LCD. This table has all of the entry digits shown, and you have to cycle through the letters to select the one you want next. The memos are then shown on a two line dot matrix display, each line having 8 blocks of 5x6, covering 16 letters at a time. Each memo could have up to 112 digits, and there are 7 memo channels, with a marker in the top right showing which one is active. You can figure how long it would take to enter a sentence, even without error. So the real usability of it, is probably have the details entered and not having to edit it often. The watch features an alarm and stopwatch modes, and it has a small light.

In one of the memo slots, the watch has a message for the owner which shows when you press the top right memo select button. The message explains what the smartwatch can do and reads:

"This is your memory watch. Let us memorize anything you like for example tel. no. card no. name and address".

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Seiko Seiko D409 5009 Sign Table Seiko D409 5009 Sign Table Memory 1980 11/2021 $225
Seiko Seiko DATA BANK Chronograph Seiko DATA BANK Chronograph Japan D409 12/2021 $225
Seiko Seiko D409 5009 sign table Seiko D409 5009 Sign Table Digital 01/2022 $150
Seiko Digital SEIKO D409 5020 Sign Digital SEIKO D409 5020 Sign Table Data 11/2021 $113
Seiko Sign Table SEIKO D409 5010 Sign Table SEIKO D409 5010 Sports 100 10/2021 $107
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