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Published: August 2, 2021
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The Aibo ERS-31x models had an "AIBO's heart" slogan. The original production design illustrator was Katsura Moschino. The price was US$95, around US$1460 in today's money (2021). Model ERS-311 (the "Latte") is an off-white/cream color and is considered the "friendly" model. The second model, ERS-312 (the "Macaron") is mostly black with cream accents and is considered the "naughty" model. And the Aibo ERS-31L (the "Pug") is the least common of the three and was $200 cheaper. The 31x series dogs are considered to look like a Bichon puppy or a bear cub.

Aibo ERS-311

Models from the AIBO 31xB line are aesthetically identical to their 31x predecessors but have an added Bluetooth capability chip installed to enable communication with the "Handy viewer." The Handy Viewer was an exclusive Japanese device that would translate Aibos thoughts and feelings into text, and enable the handler to play games with them. While the ERS-311 and ERS-312 received these new releases, the ERS-31L never received the Bluetooth update to their hardware.

Third generation Sony Aibo

  • Aibo ERS-311 "Latte": cream (2001)
  • Aibo ERS-312 "Macaron": black (2001)
  • Aibo ERS-31L "Pug": brown (2002)
  • Aibo ERS-311B "Latte": cream (2002)
  • Aibo ERS-312B "Macaron": black (2002)

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