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Published: December 20, 2021
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In the 1980s, TOMY produced a lineup of robots, one of which was Dingbot, a battery-powered robot that TOMY advertised as a "non-stop, chattering, bump-and-go robot." The design for the My Robot OMS-B Tomy Dingbot was allegedly inspired by the 1982 film character E.T. and was initially developed for a whisky television commercial in Japan. It was one of the lower end toy robots released by TOMY in 1982.

vintage tomy dingbot

"The Robot Age is here and Tomy is three steps ahead..."

Dingbot is a good communicator, emitting little squeals of excitement as he shakes his head, smiling as he moves about changing direction as he bumps into objects. He is a fast traveling robot who bumps into walls and obsticles, chatters, turns his head, speeds off in another direction carries his own floor plan in his arms. He is a funny robot who is slowly learning the meaning of walls. He's dingbot.

"Once upon a time... in the not so distant future, a robot was made and left alone to find his way. His name was... Dingbot."

Well, if you look at it now, Dingbot bears a strong similarity to WALL-E of the popular Pixar animated movie of 2008, don't you think? The robot required 1x AA battery and would run around aimlessly until bumping into something which triggers him to change direction, he would also make noises and move his head. #smh.


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Tomy Tomy robot grouping still in Tomy Robot Grouping Still In Boxes 10/2021 $103
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Tomy Tomy Dingbot My Robot Working Tomy Dingbot My Robot Working Moves 12/2021 $61
Tomy Tomy Dingbot Robot Box Tomy Dingbot Robot Box Playtime Smart 11/2021 $50
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