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Published: September 29, 2021
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The PXL-2000 is a black-and-white camcorder toy made by Fisher-Price in the 1980s that uses a normal audio cassette as its recording medium. The original designer at Fisher-Price was Andrew I. Bergman (1950-2007). You can use any normal audio cassette tape to capture both audio and video. A 90 minute cassette-tape holds 11 minutes of video at high speed. This speed is necessary because video requires a wider bandwidth than standard audio recording. In magnetic recording, the faster the recording speed, the more information can be stored on the tape.

pxl 2000

The Fisher Price video camera records the video information on the left audio channel of the cassette, and the audio on the right.pxl 2000 cassette tape


Already since the 1990s, the PXL-2000 cameras has seen a revival in popularity and is cultivated among independent and experimental video makers, artists and designers due to its unique low-resolution pixelated black/white image, with a lower frame rate of around 15 frame/s, akin to 8mm or super-8 movie film (upconverted to the standard 30 frame/s in the camera). The image is also 'windowboxed', meaning it has a black border around all sides of the picture.

PXL-2000 cameras are still popular in the (underground) film making scene with some individuals offer repairs and modifications for the PXL-2000 to output composite video (the PXL-2000 only has an RF output selectable to either North American television channel 3 or 4 in its unmodified stock condition), to interface to an external camcorder with a composite video in, or a VCR. The cameras are still very popular, fetching prices as high as $100 to $500 on eBay.


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Fisher Price PXL 2000 FISHER PRICE PXL 2000 FISHER PRICE PIXELVISION 08/2021 $ 458.52
Fisher Price Fisher Price PXL 2000 Fisher Price PXL 2000 Camcorder Modified 09/2021 $ 493.34
Fisher Price 1987 Fisher Price PXL 2000 1987 Fisher Price PXL 2000 Camcorder 09/2021 $ 464.18
Fisher Price 1987 Fisher Price PXL2000 1987 Fisher Price PXL2000 Video 08/2021 $ 377.26
Fisher Price Fisher Price PXL 2000 Fisher Price PXL 2000 Camcorder Video 08/2021 $ 174.11
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