Capacitance Electronic Disc

CED players for sale

CED players (Capacitance Electronic Disc) are analog video disc playback systems developed by RCA. The firm began researching videodisc in 1964, in an attempt to make a phonograph-like method of reproducing video under the name 'Discpix'. Video and audio could be played back on a normal television, using a special needle and a high-density groove system similar to vinyl records. The format was also known as "videodisc", leading to confusion with the LaserDisc format from the same era. The two video disc systems are mutually incompatible.

Capacitance Electronic Disc

After 17 years of research and development, the first player, model SFT100W, went on sale inn March, 1981. A catalog of approx. 50 titles was released at the same time. The first title to be manufactured was Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown. Fifteen months later, RCA released the SGT200 and SGT250 players, both with stereo sound while the SGT-250 was also the first model to include a wireless remote control.


CED players were manufactured by four companies:

  • RCA
  • Hitachi
  • Sanyo
  • Toshiba
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