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Published: May 15, 2021
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CED discs (Capacitance Electronic Discs) were originally meant to be sold in jackets and handled by hand similar to vinyl records. However, during testing it was shown that exposure to dust caused skipped grooves. If dust was allowed to settle on the videodiscs, the dust would absorb moisture from the air and cement the dust particle to the disc surface, causing the stylus to jump back in a locked groove situation. They came up with an idea in which the videodisc would be stored and handled in a plastic caddy from which the disc would be automatically extracted by the player so that exposure to dust would be minimal.

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From the early development of the system, it was clear that VCRs with longer storage capacity and recording capabilities posed a threat to CED. And indeed, once released, sales for the players were slow. RCA had expected to sell 200,000 players by the beginning of 1982, but only about half that number had been sold, and there was little improvement in sales throughout the following years. The management realized that CED would never be profitable and announced the discontinuation of production of players on April 4, 1984.

Novelty discs and CED-based games were produced whereby accessing the chapters in a specified order would string together a different story each time. However, only a few were produced before the halt of CED player manufacturing.


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general Hitachi VIP201P Stereo CED Hitachi VIP201P Stereo CED Video Disc 11/2021 $434
general RCA SelectaVision 100 CED RCA SelectaVision 100 CED Player 12 12/2021 $400
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