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Published: July 5, 2021
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When Atari finally announced the official launch of the Jaguar in November 1993, the price tag was $200 and was bundled with a Cybermorph cartridge and one controller. However, when it actually hit store shelves the price had climbed to $250. That's $465 in today's money (2021). Even with a higher price tag, sales were brisk. IBM was manufacturing the system for Atari, and things were looking up. Atari was set to market the Jaguar with a $3 million advertising budget, a telephone support line, and promised support from over 20 third party developers. However, retailers and the media were still skeptical that Atari could deliver quality software and keep all of its promises.

Atari Jaguar

Atari Jaguar 64-bit

Atari tried to downplay competing consoles by proclaiming the Jaguar was the only "64-bit" system. This claim is questioned by some, because the Motorola 68000 CPU and the Tom and Jerry coprocessors execute 32-bit instruction sets.


The Atari Jaguar's first game was the system pack-in, Cybermorph. Although an impressive polygonal game for its time, Cybermorph still received its share of criticism for design flaws and a weak color palette. The second title, Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy, was criticized by the media and even accused of being a glorified demo. This was followed by Raiden and Dino Dudes, which were also poorly received and gamers remarked that they looked like 16-bit games. Atari's first hit came in the form of Jeff Minter's Tempest 2000, an update to the classic game that was almost universally applauded and won several awards. This was followed by Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, and Alien vs. Predator, the latter being one of the best selling Jaguar games ever. Then Atari won several out-of-court settlements with Nintendo and Sega over patent infringements, totaling around $70 million dollars. Things were looking better, but the damage may have been done...

Atari Jaguar games list

Title Genre Date released
Alien vs Predator First-person shooter 10/1994
Atari Karts Racing 12/1995
Attack of the Mutant Penguins Action, Puzzle, Strategy 12/1995
Breakout 2000 Arcade 12/1996
Brutal Sports Football Sports 08/1994
Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales Platform 12/1994
Cannon Fodder Action, Strategy 02/1995
Checkered Flag Racing 11/1994
Club Drive Racing 11/1994
Cybermorph Shooter 11/1993
Defender 2000 Shoot 'em up 12/1995
Doom First-person shooter 12/1994
Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls Fighting 04/1995
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Fighting 11/1994
Evolution: Dino Dudes Puzzle 12/1993
Fever Pitch Soccer Sports 12/1995
Fight For Life Fighting 01/1996
Flashback: The Quest for Identity Platform 08/1995
FlipOut! Puzzle 07/1995
Hover Strike Shooter 04/1995
I-War Shooter 12/1995
International Sensible Soccer Sports 04/1995
Iron Soldier Simulator 12/1994
Iron Soldier 2 Simulator 12/1997
Kasumi Ninja Fighting 12/1994
Missile Command 3D Shoot 'em up 12/1995
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Sports 01/1996
Pinball Fantasies Pinball 06/1995
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Platform 10/1995
Power Drive Rally Racing 06/1995
Raiden Shoot 'em up 12/1993
Rayman Platform 09/1995
Ruiner Pinball Pinball 11/1995
Super Burnout Racing 07/1995
Supercross 3D Racing 12/1995
Syndicate Real-time tactics 01/1995
Tempest 2000 Shoot 'em up 04/1994
Theme Park Simulation 03/1995
Towers II: Plight of the Stargazer Role-playing game 12/1996
Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy Shoot 'em up 11/1993
Troy Aikman NFL Football Sports 02/1995
Ultra Vortek Fighting 09/1995
Skiing and Snowboarding Sports 12/1994
White Men Can't Jump Sports 08/1995
Wolfenstein 3D First-person shooter 08/1994
Worms Artillery, Strategy 05/1998
Zero 5 Shooter 09/1997
Zool 2 Platform 12/1994
Zoop Puzzle 01/1996

After the Christmas 1995 shopping season, it was apparent that Atari would not be able to compete. Sony's Playstation was the clear winner, and Atari admitted it had sold only $3 million worth of Jaguar merchandise in the last quarter of 1995. Although Atari stated it would continue to support the Jaguar, they began laying off staff and moved to smaller accommodations. Then Atari announced that they would be merging with hardware manufacturer JTS and discontinuing all support of the Jaguar. In early 1996, they released the last Jaguar title, Fight For Life, and almost all remaining Atari employees were laid off.

Atari Jaguar CD

Late in the life span of the company, Atari released this long-promised CD-ROM unit. The unit hit shelves in September 1995 and retailed for $149.95. The device sat atop the Jaguar console, snapping very firmly into the cartridge slot, and had a funnel-like shape. The drive had its own cartridge slot to allow cartridge games to be played without removing the CD drive. There was a separate "Memory Track" cartridge for storing saved game position and high scores.

However, it should be noted that there is a high rate of failure with this console with many users reporting that it will not read discs. Therefore, actual working consoles of the Jaguar CD console are extremely hard to find.

Atari Jaguar homebrew

Telegames continued to publish games for the Jaguar after it was discontinued, and for a time was the only company to do so. In May 1999, Hasbro Interactive announced that it had released all patents to the Jaguar, declaring it an open platform. This opened the doors for extensive homebrew development. Following the announcement, Songbird Productions joined Telegames in releasing unfinished Jaguar games alongside new games to satisfy the cult following. Hasbro Interactive, along with all the Atari properties, was sold to Infogrames early 2001.


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