Published: June 25, 2021
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ColecoVision is Coleco Industries 2nd generation home video game console and was released in August 1982. The console offered arcade-quality graphics and gaming style, the ability to play other consoles' video games (notably the Atari 2600), and the means to expand the system's hardware. It was introduced with an initial catalog of 12 titles, with 10 additional titles on the way for 1982. Approx. 170 titles were developed in the form of cartridges between 1982 and 1985.


Coleco licensed Nintendo's Donkey Kong as the official pack-in cartridge for all ColecoVision consoles, and this version of the game was well received as a near-arcade perfect port, helping to boost popularity. By Christmas of 1982, Coleco had sold 500,000 consoles, largely on the strength of its bundled game. Main competitor in the next generation console space was the arguably more advanced but less commercially successful Atari 5200.


The original price of the ColecoVision was $175 in 1982. That's around $485 in today's money (2021).

The console was distributed by CBS Electronics outside of the US, and was branded the CBS ColecoVision.

Slogan: "Your vision is our vision"

Sales quickly passed one million in early 1983, before the video game crash of 1983. ColecoVision was discontinued in the spring of 1984. Even with its late difficulties, it still sold more than six million units. In 1986, Bit Corporation produced a clone called the Dina, which was sold in the United States by Telegames as the Telegames Personal Arcade.

Today, emulators and games are widely available for download. Although the games remain copyrighted, the holders of ColecoVision games have tended not to enforce their copyrights, in contrast to Intellivision and some Atari games.

End of an era

The following is an excerpt from a Time's article from Monday, Jan. 14, 1985, Coleco Pulls the Plug:

"Shortly before Connecticut-based Coleco Industries introduced its Adam home computer in June 1983, the company's stock shot up ten points in a week, going from $41 to $51. The product looked like a winner. It would cost only $600 at a time when comparable equipment sold for about twice as much. With a gentle jab at a competitor, Adam was going to bite the Apple. But sales foundered when the machine turned out to be plagued with glitches. Even a price cut to $499 and several new features were not enough to save the product. Coleco President Arnold Greenberg last week announced that the company was dropping Adam, leaving the low-priced end of the computer market to Commodore and Atari."


There are still games being made for the ColecoVision, the so-called 'homebrew' games. Here you'll find a list: cvaddict.com.

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What's your ColecoVision worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Item Title Date Price
Coleco Donkey Kong ColecoVision Donkey Kong ColecoVision Nintendo Coleco 08/2021 $ 1 353.60
Coleco SUPER GAME MODULE SGM SUPER GAME MODULE SGM Colecovision ADAM 08/2021 $ 656.71
Coleco ColecoVision Console Cover ColecoVision Console Cover Atari 08/2021 $ 507.60
Coleco New MIB Colecovision SMURF New MIB Colecovision SMURF CHALLENGE 09/2021 $ 541.44
Coleco New MIB Colecovision HOMEBREW New MIB Colecovision HOMEBREW Game GHOST 07/2021 $ 506.97
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Sheena - November 27, 2021
I have an original coleco complete still in styrofoam and some games. Wondering the average price people are willing to pay. I live in canada
Brian - October 27, 2021
Any idea where or how to buy a complete Coleco system with a TV that would work with the system as well?
Gregory - July 14, 2021
I have one, and numerous cartridges, how do i go about selling, it??
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JohnGregory - July 15, 2021
Most sales are on eBay, but you could also try one of the ColecoVision groups on Facebook with collectors.
Zachary - July 8, 2021
I have a Colecovision game system complete in unopened box with the donkey Kong also unopened and have the attachment that allows you to play Atari games on the system just curious as to what it is worth if you know?
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JohnZachary - July 9, 2021
The console could be 400 to 600+ USD (factory sealed), a sealed Donkey Kong, USD 100-200.