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Published: October 19, 2021
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By the late 1970s, Nintendo began moving away from toys and playing cards and into the rapidly-growing video game market. Their decision was based on the release of the hugely-successful arcade game Space Invaders by Taito and the 1973 oil crisis making toys expensive to produce. When Nintendo entered the video game market, they did so with two Pong based TV tennis games, co-developed with Mitsubishi: the Color TV-Game 6 and its bigger brother, the Color TV-Game 15. On June 8, a week after releasing the Color TV-game 6, Nintendo released the Color TV-Game 15. The console was one of two the first consoles Nintendo ever produced. It retailed for USD $130 (around $590 in today's money), roughly 50% more than the TV-Game 6. This version was basically a re-release of the TV Game 6, but had fifteen games, and only six were playable out of the box. The TV-Game 15 has detachable controllers which are stored in a small compartment on the system.

color tv game 15

The housing of TV-Game 15 was more exciting than its smaller brother's box-shape. It had a nice futuristic curve, with vanity cooling fins. And for whatever reason, Nintendo did not feel the need to stamp their company name on the front of the console, keeping it to simply "Color TV-Game 15". It wasn't until the 1979 release of Color TV Game Block Kuzushi that they first displayed their name prominently on a video game.

Nintendo produced a second model of the TV-Game 15 with a reddish-orange casing, which had a longer production run and as such are more common than the orange version.

The console came with two controllers with 90 cm long cords.

Games include:

  • Tennis A
  • Tennis B
  • Volley A
  • Volley B
  • Hockey A
  • Hockey B
  • Ping Pong
  • Shooting Game

The difference between the 'A' and 'B' variants is the shape of the center line (which affects game play). All of these games, except the last one, can be played in either singles or doubles mode. This results in the 15 game options (7x2 + 1) that give TV-Game 15 its name.

There were two models of this console, the CTG-15v and 15S. The main difference between CTG-15S and CTG-15V is in the controllers. The dial knob of the 15V controller is slightly bigger, and - most importantly - had a 'stop' that allowed it to be turned only one turn left or right (while the knob of the CTG-15S could be turned endlessly). This provided better control of the racket on the screen, as the knob would stop when the racket reached the top or bottom of the screen.

Of the two versions, model CTG-15V had the longest production run. As a result, it is easier to find than the CTG-15S these days...

Sharp made a white-colored version that was renamed Color TV-Game XG-115.

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