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Published: October 19, 2021
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The video game console market saw a rise in popularity with the release of the Atari Pong in 1975. This caused the market to become flooded with similar "pong" games as firms scrambled to get a piece of the pie. Nintendo was no exception, and decided to make their own dedicated Pong console as a way to bring its popularity over to Japan. The Color TV-Game 6 is the first video game system ever made by Nintendo. The system was released as a series of five dedicated home video game consoles between 1977 and 1980 in Japan only. Because Nintendo had no prior knowledge of manufacturing electronics, they enlisted the help of Mitsubishi to mass-produce the consoles. For the first two consoles, Color TV-Game 6 and Color TV-Game 15, Nintendo acquired a license from Magnavox that allowed them to produce their own Pong-like video game systems.

color tv game 6

The Color TV-Game 6 launched on June 1, 1977, and retailed at a price of USD $85 (that would be around 390 USD in 2021), which was significantly lower than competing brands. The firm used this as a marketing tool. As its title implies, it contains 6 variations of Pong, such as adding additional paddles, decreasing the size of the paddles, and adding deflective shields in the center of the screen. It could be powered by batteries or by a power adapter that was sold separately. Shortly after its release, Nintendo released an improved version of the TV-Game 6, featuring a cream-white outer casing and removing the power adapter. A second variation was produced as part of a promotion with food company House Foods to promote their House Shanmen instant noodles. It is identical to the original TV-Game 6 but has the House Shanmen logo on the casing. This version was produced in very limited quantities, making it extremely rare.

Units sold

Nintendo sold three million units of the first four models:

  • Color TV-Game 6, model CTG-6V/6S (one million)
  • Color TV-game 15, model CTG-15V/15S (one million)
  • Color TV-game Racing 112, model CTG-CR112 (half a million)
  • Color TV-game Block Kuzushi, model CTG-BK6 (half a million)

The Color TV-Game series was very successful for Nintendo, and was a commercial hit. The Color TV-Game series has the highest sales figures of all the first generation of video game consoles, and their success prompted Nintendo to continue pursuing the video game console market. This inevitably lead to the creation of the FamiCom and the NES console.

Did you know that...

The Color TV-Game 6 contained the same main IC-chip as the TV-game 15? All fifteen game options were available, but there were only 6 enabled...

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Nintendo Nintendo Color TV Game Racing Nintendo Color TV Game Racing 112 CTG 09/2021 $ 452.60
Nintendo Nintendo Color TV GAME 15 CTG Nintendo Color TV GAME 15 CTG 15V 08/2021 $ 169.71
Nintendo Nintendo Color TV Game 15 Nintendo Color TV Game 15 Model CTG 15V 09/2021 $ 155.24
Nintendo Nintendo TV GAME 6 CTG 6V Nintendo TV GAME 6 CTG 6V Console RF 10/2021 $ 164.07
Nintendo Nintendo TV GAME 6 CTG 6V Nintendo TV GAME 6 CTG 6V Console RF 09/2021 $ 174.24
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