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Published: October 19, 2021
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Nintendo introduced their Color TV Game Block Kuzushi (also called Block Breaker, since "kuzushi" stems from "kuzusu", which means to break or to demolish) on April 23, 1979 at USD $120. The console was the first 100% Nintendo system, allowing their name to be prominently displayed on the front. Block Kuzushi includes six variations of Breakout, an arcade game released in the US by Atari. Nintendo themselves released a clone of Breakout titled Block Fever for Japanese arcades in 1978. Rival company Epoch released the TV Block console in Japan, which was successful and gave way to steady competition by other companies, including Nintendo. It's a really great looking console, and that may have to do with the fact it was designed by a new Nintendo recruit – a freshly graduated industrial designer named Shigeru Miyamoto. Block Kuzushi and Color TV-Game Racing 112 were Miyamoto's first two jobs at Nintendo. The built-in games for Block Kuzushi were designed by Takehiro Izushi.

color tv game block kuzushi breaker

The second last in the 'Color TV Game series' is the most interesting. The rist Color TV Games 6 and 15 from June 1977 are historically important because they represent the first endeavors by Nintendo in the video game market, but from a design point of view (both game play as well as packaging) they are not very original. They are just well executed pong clones. Color TV Game Racing 112 from 1978 already looks more exciting and its game play is all right, but 'Color TV Game Block Kuzushi' takes the crown.

The six game options of model CTG-BK6 are:

  • Standard Block Kuzushi
  • Easy Block Kuzushi
  • Safe Block Kuzushi
  • Block Through
  • Block Flash
  • Block Kill

Nintendo held competitions in department stores to promote Block Kuzushi, where winners received a congratulatory note and a medal. The firm has referenced the Color TV-Game systems and their built-in games in other franchises. Alleyway, a launch title for the Game Boy, is believed to be based on the Color TV-Game Block Kuzushi.

Coor TV-game Block Breaker is the very first Nintendo video game console to feature the company's name prominently on the front of the device.

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