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Published: October 26, 2021
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The Commodore 1571 is a high-end 5¼" floppy disk drive and was Commodore's successor to the notorious 1541 disk drive. It was released on the market in 1985 at a price of USD $299 (around $765 in today's money). It has the same color and style as the C128, and they worked as well together as they looked together. It's superior to the 1541 in that it can use both sides of the disk, and it has a high speed mode only available on the 128. The 1571 was designed to accommodate the C128's "burst" mode for 2x faster disk access, however the drive cannot use it if connected to older Commodore machines. Like all disk drives by Commodore, these drives were "smart" devices. They included their own processor, memory, OS (disk operating system). In fact, the relationship between a Commodore computer and it's disk drive resembles more closely two computers on a network than a typical computer->peripheral relationship. The 1571 is completely backwards compatible with the Commdore 64. When attached to a C64, or a C128 in 64 mode, it will boot into 1541 nearly perfect emulation mode.

commodore 1571 disk drive

The disc drive incorporated a better drive mechanism and was noticeably quieter than its predecessor (which was so loud it's often the main thing people remember about it). It tended to run cooler as well, even though, like the C1541, it had an internal power supply. It addressed many of the shortcomings of the 1541, partly because Commodore had more time to get it right this time. By default a 1571 always boots up in 1541-mode, and when detecting the first burst (C128) transfer, it switches automatic into 1571 mode.


  • Model: 1571
  • Type: 5.25" Floppy Disk
  • Media: Double Sided, Double Density (DS/DD)
  • Capacity: 360 Kb. per disk
  • Interface: CBM Serial Bus
  • Operating system: CBM DOS 3.0

Fast transfer with a C64 can be used only with a extended/modified Commodore 64 Kernel/Fast-Loader - essentially behaving like a C128, thus using the automatic switch to 1571-mode. In fact, for next to everything but basic 1541 operations a modified handler is neccessary.


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