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Published: October 20, 2021
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The LJN Video Art is an educational home video game console that was developed and manufactured by LJN. The console was introduced in 1987, but the exact release date is unknown. It remained on the market until at least late 1989 at a heavy price drop. It was never meant to compete against the NES or Master System: rather, it was supposed to be an alternative to television. A single cartridge was included in the product, the 'Video Art Activity Cartridge'. It contains several wireframe drawings that can be colored, similar to a coloring book. Turning on the system without the cartridge inserted would give the user a blank screen that could be used to draw on. In 1987, LJN spent most of its $5 million TV and print advertising budget on Gotcha! and Video Art. A TV advertisement includes a rap-style beat, saying "Watching TV, watching TV, you just keep searching for something to see. But then my mom, she got smart! She got me Video Art!"

ljn video art

It's LJN's only video game console, and only nine games, or rather cartridges with just a set of pre-drawn wireframe images to color, were made for it. However, they are incredibly rare and difficult to find:

  • Video Art Activity Cartridge
  • A Trip To The Zoo
  • Disney Coloring Book
  • Disney Story Book
  • Looney Tunes
  • Marvel Super-Heroes
  • My Dream Day
  • My Favorite Doll
  • On the Move

The console used twin-lead connectors with metal fork-shaped prongs that were supposed to screw onto two terminals on the top of the TV. The prongs had become outdated at the time, with its last use being in the late 1970s, long before the system was released. This also required the consumer to use an older TV to be able to use Video Art, as many new TVs did not have the correct attachments. also, the console lacks sound, but makes horrible static noises (white noise) come from the TV set while it is running.

Functionality was similar to basic personal computer paint programs such as MacPaint and Microsoft Paint, and also offered games with a coloring book. But there is no ability to save drawings. The console was largely forgotten until December 22nd, 2014, when an Angry Video Game Nerd episode covering the LJN Video Art was released on YouTube.

LJN Video Art value and price guide

What's your LJN Video Art worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Item Title Date Price
LJN 1987 Video Art Electronic 1987 Video Art Electronic Drawing System 10/2021 $ 170.03
LJN Video Art LJN UNTESTED Game Video Art LJN UNTESTED Game Drawing 08/2021 $ 136.02
LJN Video Art LJN Game Console Video Art LJN Game Console Drawing 08/2021 $ 56.67
LJN Video Art Activity Cartridge Video Art Activity Cartridge MARVEL 10/2021 $ 27.20
LJN Video Art LJN Game Console Video Art LJN Game Console Hong Kong 10/2021 $ 170.03
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