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Published: May 11, 2021

LD stands for LaserDisc, the industry-wide term for consumer laser video. During its life, the format has also been known as LV (LaserVision) and CDV (Compact Disc Video). The players are also sometimes referred to as VDPs (Video Disc Players) and Sony calls them MDPs. LD was first demonstrated by Philips and MCA in 1972, and has been on the market since 1978, or about as long as VCR and six years longer than CD. Pioneer pitched LD as "60% sharper" than VHS. LD image quality is roughly comparable to standard 16mm film, VHS is roughly comparable to 8mm film. There are no home video formats comparable to 35mm or 70mm film.

Laserdisc players

The early Laserdisc players used a Helium-Neon laser to read the disc, but the later models used infrared lasers. The first units that were made with the infrared laser had some problems such as skipping, strange colors spots, and fuzziness. These problems were fixed in later models. Some of the later Laserdisc players made were ones that could play Audio CDs as well as Laserdiscs. In Japan, one of the last models to be produced even had the ability to play DVDs as well as CDs and Laserdiscs.

The first LaserDisc title marketed in North America was the MCA DiscoVision release of Jaws on December 15, 1978. The last title released in North America was Paramount's Bringing Out the Dead on October 3, 2000. Production of LaserDisc players continued until January 14, 2009, when Pioneer stopped making them.

What is the best laserdisc player?

There were many LD players made, and according to the internet, the most popular players are these Pioneer laserdisc player models:

  • Pioneer HLD-X9
  • Pioneer CLD-97 (Elite)
  • Pioneer CLD-99 (Elite)
  • Pioneer CLD-79 (Elite)
  • Pioneer CLD-D704
  • Pioneer CLD-59 (Elite)
  • Pioneer DVL-919 (E)
  • Pioneer CLD-515

There was a also a laserdisc game console to arcade games at home, the LaserActive.


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Laserdisc Players value and price guide

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general Pioneer LD X1 Laserdisc Player Pioneer LD X1 Laserdisc Player Japan 05/2021 $ 1 475.00
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