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Published: May 18, 2021
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CD Video (also known as CDV, CD-V, or CD+V) is a format of optical media disc that was introduced in 1987 that combines the technologies of standard compact disc and LaserDisc. CD-V discs are the same size as a standard 12-cm audio CD, and contain up to 20 minutes' worth of CD Audio that can be played on any audio CD player. It also contains up to 5 minutes of LaserDisc video information with digital CD-quality sound, which can be played back on a newer LaserDisc player capable of playing CD-V discs or CD-V-only players.

Philips CDV Series

Philips' launch of the CD Video format (and the rebranding of existing LaserDisc formats under the name) also served as the basis of a relaunch for LaserDisc as a whole in Europe[6] where sales under the original "LaserVision" name had been extremely poor, and Philips attempted to leverage the name recognition of the newly-successful audio CD format. Despite this, the rebranded format remained unsuccessful in Europe.

The use of digital audio on the relaunched "CD Video"-branded LaserDiscs rendered them incompatible with older analog-only "LaserVision" players made for the European PAL television standard.

CD Video lasted only a few years in the marketplace and was already being referred to as a "failed" format by mid-1990. Read more at Wikipedia.

Popular CD VIDEO models by Philips were the CDV475, CDV400, CDV 786 and CDV 486. Most of them are PAL players.

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