Pioneer DVL-909

Published: May 20, 2021
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The Pioneer DVL-909 is the replacement for the DVL700 (with the biggest difference being the replacement of 9bit with a new 10bit video processor). This late 1990s model of combination player included several new features, including twin pickups, one dedicated to DVD and the other to CD/LD, both side play (auto reverse), digital audio outputs, S-Video outputs, component video outputs.

Pioneer DVL-909


  • RF, S-Video, SPDIF, component (DVD only), composite, SCART outputs
  • Dolby Digital RF Out (AC-3, LD)
  • Optical/Coaxial Digital Out (VCM/Dolby Digital/MPEG)
  • Coaxial Digital Out (PCM)
  • DVD/LD/CD/VCD/CDV Full Compatible Playback
  • Sigma-turn Mechanism 'quick flip' autoreverse LD Playback
  • 10-bit Video D/A Converter (DVD/VCD)
  • Accurate Digital Servo with Automatic Jitter Adjustment (DVD)
  • Viterbi RF Decoding Process (DVD)
  • Dolby Digital (DVD/LD)
  • Virtual Dolby Surround with SRS TruSurround
  • Hi-Bit Legato Link Conversion
  • 96 kHz/20-bit Audio D/A Converter

The DVL909 had a good selling point as both European North American models could play both NTSC and PAL region LaserDiscs. The LaserDisc play quality is average but is superior to the other mid-range and low-end models produced in the early 1990s. Noise level is low and image is sharp and stable. However, DVD play quality is not even catching up to the cheaper DVD players that you could (or still can) buy at discount stores.

Find an overview of all Pioneer DVL laserdisc players and their differences in this article on Wikipedia.

Pioneer DVL-909 documents

Instructions & manuals

Looking for the instructions?
Download here the Pioneer DVL-909 manual (PDF).

Repair service manual

Need a copy of the service manual or schematics?
Download the Pioneer DVL-909 service manual (PDF).

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Pioneer DVL-909 value and price guide

What's your Pioneer DVL-909 worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Item Title Date Price
Pioneer Pioneer DVL 909 PAL NTSC Pioneer DVL 909 PAL NTSC Laserdisc 07/2021 $ 753.54
Pioneer PIONEER PIONEER DVL 919 909 91 PIONEER PIONEER DVL 919 909 91 700 Laser 09/2021 $ 115.99
Pioneer PIONEER DVL 909 DVL 90 Laser PIONEER DVL 909 DVL 90 Laser Disc Player 08/2021 $ 92.79
Pioneer PIONEER DVL 919 909 91 V888 90 PIONEER DVL 919 909 91 V888 90 Laser 06/2021 $ 58.00
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021-.--

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